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Thread: M3 and RON PAUL

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    M3 and RON PAUL


    M3 statement is a major measurement that provides implications for an economy's state, since this is a list of all coins, bills, demand accounts (i.e., "checking" or "current" accounts), savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, deposits of US, AU, EU dollars, repurchase agreements, and etch.

    As its important that we must know how much currency is in circulation, since currency is debt and is also known as fiat money.

    If that seems crazy and wrong to you, it's proof that this is what is meant by the system of 'debt-based currency'.

    The citizens or 'the people' who created M3 statements for a way of also measuring 'in knowing how much money we all owe the 'Central Bankers' (facilitators for which government and Federal Reserves mediate) and to know how much money we owe the Federal Reserve'.

    For that matter US dollars and also the same case as those other currencies which are attached to their country's version of Federal Reserve are debt owing to Federal Reserves Emperors (the private ultra rich bankers and real owners of the whole corporate Federal Reserve) who have establish branches to almost every global countries on Earth - to administer their own money supply and its printing of their own currency - as in every case all the Federal Reserves are not part of a country's 'the people's' government or nationally owned.... with each Federal Reserve having its own OverLords..... All of this was done through corrupting governments, thus enabling the Federal Reserve to make it an enforceable law to each and everyone of those countries, that no groups or individual can challenge the Federal Reserve

    The M3 were allowed to be included with the Federal Reserve public information in order have some sort of accuracy with regards to currency activities hence a country's economic state.

    Another importance of having M3 measurements is because it reveals the level of inflation, CPI, deficit or surplus economy, factors to MM and so forth. they are necessary for all kinds of factoring comparisons or analysis in making investments decisions or business directions as money is what those all things boils down into....

    But on March 23, 2006, our Masters and their foremans suddenly stopped publishing the M3 and abolished the whole measurement and standards. They're reasoning was said of "It costs a lot to collect the data" (even though the Lords have unlimited money). They said "It doesn't provide any kind of useful data".

    But from every view point of economists and bankers with having integrity and moral ethics said "This were all done, so no one would realize how bad economies really are. And to hide the burgeoning perpetual debt structuring activities to be transferred on to governments and tax payers. Through the use of complications like burying things in bureaucratic (as M3 will surface things in its simplicity of explaining events)"....

    So with the M3 gone out of information, 'the people' no longer have any idea how much we owe the Federal Reserves. We have also lost an accurate picture of the inflation rate or that of the real state of our economies. As far as our governments enforced to 'the people' , "We just know that we owe them, Forever". Amazingly, everyone rich and poor, just willingly not challenged this as in submission to our "MASTERS".

    RON PAUL's M3's Truths

    BUT LUCKY FOR THE WORLD...... Only one man stood up to challenge the overbearing power and might of the Federal Reserve.....

    That’s right......That’s right..... RON PAUL

    He introduced H.R.4892 to force the Federal Reserve to start publishing the M3 again.

    But the Federal Reserve easily defeated Paul’s bill, with their limitless money, corrupt politicians to defeat the Bill and mainstream media propagating its uttering of the uselessness of his effort and principle.

    But did Ron Paul gave up? ....Even though most of the country did give up on having proper justice, or in challenging the government, and as some of the public even tried to crucify Ron Paul.

    NO, he did not.... Ron Paul wrote an even better bill, one not so easily struck down, and submitted it on June 15th, 2007.

    It’s been referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.

    Ron Paul understands the crucial importance of the M3, and how it exposes interest debt from values base on imagination from nothing for which fractional reserve relies on as in value of those assets backing the loans.

    It ends up with the currencies lent is questionable. Since, how can say $1,000,000 in gold can be legally lent out as receipts for $10,000,000 in gold for people to buy things?......

    As it's real values again are questionable when it gets worst, since almost all money in circulation ends up with other banks who then attaches additional new compounded interest on top of the value of the same receipts.... as the banks themselves are releasing the same receipts with new values to be lend.....

    The consequence for the general public is theft through inflation (hence robbing everyone's saving dollars value and by making those dollars worth less over time) and through taxation in order to pay up the government's owing debt to the Federal Reserve.... Clearly it does not take much to know what's being done to all of us....

    Ron Paul knows that.....

    That fiat values of compounding imaginary interest rate is the root of the world's destitution, injustice existence and the decline of humanities....

    Lucky again for us.... as everyone knows that he has a very good chance to be elected President. From that he can radically change the USA, and by extension the entire planet. But the key is being a public consensus that can make referendums.....

    Ron Paul will abolish the Federal Reserve. As Trillions of currency in debt will be erased overnight. And really freeing the world markets and life's liberty...

    This would be the "Game Over" for the ultra rich oligopoly nepotist power control evils the wannabe Ruling Class of Earth.
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    Just for info- do you know what is in M3 which is not in M2 (which they do calculate and report)?

    M3 adds the money in EuroDollar accounts (bank accounts in foreign countries which are denominated in US dollars- this is money not even in the US).
    It also adds repurchase agreements (repurchase agreements are not money). It also includes large CD's (those over $250,000) and money market mutual fund balances.

    In trying to see how the economy is doing and if it needs more or less money, adding in those figures gave them no additional useful information in deciding monetary policy than the M2 figure did so they decided not to spend the resources to try to calculate it.

    The other "M's":

    M0: The total of all physical currency including coinage. M0 = Federal Reserve Notes + US Notes + Coins. It is not relevant whether the currency is held inside or outside of the private banking system as reserves.
    MB: The total of all physical currency plus Federal Reserve Deposits (special deposits that only banks can have at the Fed). MB = Coins + US Notes + Federal Reserve Notes + Federal Reserve Deposits
    M1: The total amount of M0 (cash/coin) outside of the private banking system plus the amount of demand deposits, travelers checks and other checkable deposits
    M2: M1 + most savings accounts, money market accounts, retail money market mutual funds, and small denomination time deposits (certificates of deposit of under $100,000).
    MZM: 'Money Zero Maturity' is one of the most popular aggregates in use by the Fed. It is M2 - time deposits + money market funds
    M3: M2 + all other CDs (large time deposits, institutional money market mutual fund balances), deposits of eurodollars and repurchase agreements.
    M4-: M3 + Commercial Paper
    M4: M4- + T-Bills (or M3 + Commercial Paper + T-Bills)
    The numbers move up in terms of liquidity- cash is M0 since it is the most accessable and the easiest for people to spend.

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