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Thread: Douglas County Convention

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    Douglas County Convention

    So, I missed the delegate nomination deadline way back when, but I was wondering if there would still be a chance for me to nominate myself at the convention? I'm just wondering if I can get the day off if it makes sense for me to show up? Also NEGOP still hasn't announced the Douglas convention date. Does anyone have any idea when this thing will be? Is there going to be another meet up before June 1-10th to get things lined up?

    Lots of questions, sorry. Don't forget, Moneybomb today! RONPAUL2012!!

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    There is a chance you can be a delegate but you will have to show up to the County Convention. If there is a vacancy in your precinct, you may be appointed as a delegate.

    This is from the County GOP's bylaws:

    In case any precinct does not have a full quota of elected delegates at the County Convention, such Convention shall have the power to fill the quota from the qualified Republican electors of such precinct.
    Here are details for the Douglas GOP County Convention:

    Saturday, June 9
    8 AM Check In
    9 AM Convention

    College of Saint Mary
    7000 Mercy Rd
    Omaha, NE 68124

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