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Thread: Virginia CD delegates - DO NOT ANSWER call from 866-540-3140

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    Default Virginia CD delegates - DO NOT ANSWER call from 866-540-3140

    This is a Romney campaign initiative under the fraudulent auspices of being an independent survey. They are attempting to find out info on the delegates and who each supports. The company claims to be "Independent Voter Research" but there's nothing at all independent about it.

    This is apparently the same thing that happened in Michigan:

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    I don't have an account there and the new user registration isn't working for me

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    I'm on the list for District 11 (May 19) and have been BOMBARDED with emails and phone calls, some up front about what they want ( my vote or my money or to see if I'm a 'real' republican or just a Paul supporter). But some have been very suspicious and I get rid of them quick.

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    getting several of these calls, but it always hangs up

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    [Brrrring brrrrrring]

    [Caller ID on Ron Paul supporter's home phone shows incoming call from 866-540-3140]

    [Answers Call]
    Hello... Yes, I'm registered
    Well, I'm doing everything I can to get Mitt Romney elected to make sure those evil democrats...
    Why yes, I hope to become a delegate too!
    Yes, I'll be at the xx state convention. I had a sneaky idea...
    OK, I'll spell my name again. Sure, put me down as a potential delegate!
    OK, I'll hold a Ron Paul sign upside down so that you can find me and we can talk about that.
    OK, bye bye.

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