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Thread: Obama, Gay Marriage, and Progressivism

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    Exclamation Obama, Gay Marriage, and Progressivism

    This, too often, gets forgotten.

    The same "progressive" roots that grew into marriage laws were the same racist roots that first floated the idea of "gun control".

    The proper and full phrase is "N*ggerTown Saturday Night Special".

    Obama, Gay Marriage, and Progressivism

    Posted by Bill Anderson on May 10, 2012 07:50 AM

    We are sure to hear the outrage (and support) of Barack Obama's newly-decided acceptance of gay marriage (as he put his wetted finger to the air, pretending to be principled), and I am sure that his hatchet man, Eric Holder, will be filing suit against states that don't permit gay marriage. However, there is a larger issue here that both Remocrats and Depublicans will ignore: the origin of marriage laws.

    The state laws defining and regulating marriage came about during the Progressive Era as an attempt to prevent black and white intermarriage, or what Progressives called "miscegenation." Before then, marriage was left either to the church or to common law. So, once again we see yet another legacy of that time when America's intellectuals declared war on the Constitution and on liberty itself.

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    To much government............again.......or still.

    Wonder how many pages of tax payer funded legislation is going to come from this?

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