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Thread: CA - County Central Committee Positions - Who to vote for??

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    Default CA - County Central Committee Positions - Who to vote for??

    There are many Ron Paul supporters throughout California running as candidates for County Central Committee Members.

    Unfortunately, many supporters do not know who the Ron Paul candidates are and will not vote for them.

    If you have names of Ron Paul candidates in any county, please post here as people are starting to receive mail in ballots and are beginning to vote.

    Here are the names of Ron Paul candidates running in various counties:

    Los Angeles


    San Diego
    71st - Eric Andersen
    75th - Lee De Meo
    76th - Sherry Hodges, Mat Huff
    77th - Tony Krvaric, Ingrid Rider, Steve Rider
    78th - Brian Brady, Monica Gaither, Josh Silverman, Constance Sandvick
    79th - Jasmine Allen
    80th - Lincoln Pickard, Melory Tsipouria

    The numbers correspond to the NEW (after redistricting) State Assembly Districts.

    If you live in LA County, you can find your NEW State Assembly District here:

    Fresno (races are separated by Supervisorial Districts not Assembly Districts)
    District 2 - Kurtis Willey
    District 5 - Steve Wayte
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    Yes, this is important. Ping Eleganze.

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    Here's Orange County:

    I have a list of names for LA County but it would take too long to type out. If anyone can post it here, please do.

    I've had several people ask me who to vote for in San Diego County but I have no clue where to find the info. I've sent an email to the San Diego Meetup and pm'd a San Diego supporter here but haven't heard anything back.

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    I have the one for LA but I'll have to get it and scan it. I just got my absentee ballot, so I will be doing that.


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    Anyone in San Diego County know who to vote for, particularly Assembly Districts 71 and 79?

    I've contacted the San Diego Meetup group but have not received a response.

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    Included San Diego and Fresno county races.

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    thank you for putting this together

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    The LA County List is Old. Updated List is here:

    Stay Tuned for LA County Write In Candidates. Nomination Period closes Tuesday. They each need 25 write-in votes on June 5th to be elected.

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    what about northern california? i feel so out of the loop up here

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