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Thread: Cannot find District Times

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    Cannot find District Times

    Any idea what time the distrcts open for voting?
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    I just voted. At a little before 6. One issue I ran into was not knowing who to vote for for the district reps. I am guessing those are the delegates we are supposed to vote for? Anyways, I printed out a list of delegates from the ron paul indiana site but they did not match what I was looking at. I had to guess.

    Anyways, who all should we vote for for the district represenatives? Next I had to guess on one senators. I had a clue on a few of them from looking over the forum before I went to vote. Well I guess the main success is I voted for Ron Paul. I did not like voting for republicans but they only had a ticket for republicans or democrats no independent balliots from what I could see. So I took the republican one and voted for Paul.

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