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Thread: Let's talk about getting better live streaming from the floors of these conventions!

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    Question Let's talk about getting better live streaming from the floors of these conventions!

    Most of the streams are using shoddy free streaming from sites like ustream. I was just watching the Nevada stream which doesn't seem to be able to handle more than a few hundred viewers before failing. We just watched our supporters discover fake delegate slates on the floor of the Nevada convention - slates that were labelled for Ron Paul but had Romney's delegates named. We know this is just the tip of the iceberg on these issues.

    Can we all chip in somewhere and set up something more powerful for streaming conventions in the future? Either buy a more reliable tier of service, or set up our own? I'd be willing to chip in for it and I'm sure others are as well. What does it cost for something that can handle audio and video reliably for, say, 3000 viewers? Getting live coverage of the conventions is one of our best weapons against cheating and misconduct, intentional or otherwise. It's also a great way to get coverage that our few (but slowly growing) friends in the media like Ben Swann can use in their journalism.

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    Sounds good. I would chip in as well.

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    I think the problem is they are streaming from a mobile phone. To do it properly you need to have a camera that does USB streaming and a laptop with a G4 internet card. I broadcasted our local HS football games for four years. We streamed via a windows media server. Quality was always dependant on a good cellular signal.

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