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Thread: MS for Ron Paul 2012 REORGANIZES as the Mississippi Liberty Campaign

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    MS for Ron Paul 2012 REORGANIZES as the Mississippi Liberty Campaign

    Now that we're organized, the MS residents for Ron Paul 2012 will continue to work for liberty in the state. We are going to focus on local and statewide issues and injecting our ideas into the local media. Organization is mostly via Facebook in a closed group and you can request to join the group, but I will also try to keep you updated here as well.

    If you are interested in participating, contact:

    on FB Richard Burke
    Jose Lopez (send your Name, Phone, Email ) to Jose will contact you with the event details once we hear something.
    (more information and ways to contact will be added to this post later, as well as times/dates of meetings.

    Our first re-organizational/educational effort will be:

    Have you ever wanted to increase your understanding of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers original intent? Would you like to be able to effectively apply the Constitutional principles, in which you believe, to local, state, and national issues -- and how to evaluate candidates and policies through this lens?

    Starting May 1 there will be an opportunity for those in the Tupelo & Northeast Mississippi area to do just that.

    The Institute on the Constitution is a very unique program. Constitutionalists in states across the country have been effectively using this course for over 12 years to teach/ learn the Constitution, evaluate candidates, elect Constitutionalists to office, and impact policy. The great thing about this course is that it is done with videos/ discussion/ reading in such a way that a jr. high student can easily handle/ understand, but you will have a college level understanding when complete. For more information on the specific course, click here:

    Other upcoming events include:
    1) A "Campaign for Liberty" Training Course (possibility)
    2) An "Institute On The Constitution" Class Series (May 1st,Tupelo)
    3) An attempt to get a Michael Badnarik Constitution Class (weekend)
    4) A class on the Mississippi Constitution (unknown teacher)
    5) Mississippi Constitution Congress (Nov 11th, w/cool peeps) =
    It has become evident that our constitutional liberties are dwindling. The same group of establishment politicians continue to win elections in our state using the dirty political games of Rove and Atwater. If the liberty movement in our state splits into splinters after November, our resources will be spread too thin, and we will have no chance at effectively moving our state in a constitutionally limited direction. We must join forces and develop an effective political strategy to challenge the establishment.
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    Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

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    I'm not on facebook but I've got someone who is.
    Ron Paul: He irritates more idiots in fewer words than any American politician ever.

    NO MORE LIARS! Ron Paul 2012

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    MS for Liberty! Our new forum. Please join us as we continue to work for liberty in MS -- AFTER the presidential election!
    Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

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