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Thread: Spanish Unemployment At ~25%, How Can This Be Sustained?

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    First, we have to understand the perspective of the Spanish people. Until the last part of the 20 century Spain social and economic rates were of the lowest of Europe. Having one of the longest dictatorship in the century, Spain began a better cycle when democracy appeared.
    With “the open markets fiction”, with a big bubble in housing and tourism, and a lot of companies making big and juicy money abroad, specially in Latin America. Spain made its best at the end of the 90s and the earliest 2000s, and made great numbers from the European welfare state traditional perspective, people felt like “oh well, we are a big country like Italy or France, and we have great relationships with US and the UK – The Azores summit -", so answering your original question, is there a chance that this situation would change the way Spain politics and economy works? No, People there like also happen in other countries like in Greece still prefer to wait and be leaded by the IMF, the WB and the European financial elites. These countries are still guided by the illusion of prosperity of the late 90s. Of course there are movements and questions that people is begging to make, as instance, part of the young people of spain is making some noise they called themselves “Los indignados” is like a return of the French may (68) but there are not real ideas of what to do or where to go. The level of political discussion in Europe is quiet poor. The answer that eurepean countries are finding , leaded by the establishment are those that are being taken in countries like Greece or Italy: follow IMF recipes, and changing the governments not because of peoples vote but for the financial elite choice.
    If there is something that may change or at least Spanish people are making questions about is the Monarchy system. There is gonna be a lot of discussion about this subject however at the end of the day they will keep their system and the King will keep his job and also the next one, and this will happen because for a lot of people the King is the symbol that can keep Spain together. Spain is a country with a lot of nations inside that from time to time get the will to get independent.
    So do not expect changes from Spain they will keep themselves in the EU and will follow the recipes from Euro Bank and so on.
    In Europe at the end of the day are looking forward for staying in the Euro Zone, and living in the late 90s, they will do anything to go back to that moment, only Germany can live without that illusion.

    The economical strength of Germany is an illusion.Without the EU and its free trade for Germany and regulations for everyone else Germany would be nothing.

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    I know an American citizen who has been working as an English teacher in Spain for the past year, on a work visa. I've asked her how it's so easy for her to get a job doing something that's not exactly specialized, while 25% of Spaniards are unemployed, and she really has no idea.
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