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Thread: Fifth Annual Vermonters for Liberty Convention

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    Fifth Annual Vermonters for Liberty Convention

    Join Vermonters for Liberty for their fifth annual state convention on May 12, 2012. The convention will be held at the Black River Academy Museum (Calvin Coolidge's Alma Mater), High Street, Ludlow, VT from 10 am until 4 pm. We will be having speakers, break out planning sessions, two minute soapbox, pot luck lunch (bring something to share), and more. $10 admission (to cover cost of building and help with future events) RSVP to either or to this thread. As always it will be a great time to mix and mingling with liberty lovers from around Vermont.

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    How many people attended last year? How many do you think will attend this year? Are you going to have a table at the New England Liberty Lovefest promoting the VT groups that are putting on this convention?
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    past attendence

    In 2008 we had 55 people at the state house
    In 2009 we had 75 people at the state house
    In 2010 we had 120 people at the statehouse
    In 2011 we had 60 people (bad weather) at the Black River Academy
    In 2012 we hope to have at least 75 or more at the Academy.

    Table at the Love Fest: Unfortunately no.

    Right now we have some people working on OWS outreach and the VTLP convention. So no one will be down at Love Fest.

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    The last three days before the Convention

    The V4L/VTC4L Convention is this Saturday. So far we have thirty RSVP (expect at least an additional 20 or so before Saturday). So we are on track for 75 to 100 attendees (based upon previous experience with RSVP). We have some great speakers like Reps Burditt and Howard both of whom endorsed Ron Paul, Henry Lampman from the JBS, Robert Wagner from Thirty Candidates for Liberty, and our own Chair, Moe Kinney to give a year end report. Breakout sessions on lobbying, community organizing, and media creation/relations. We will also be hosting a caucus and strategy meeting of Ron Paul delegates to the VTGOP Convention. If you are a delegate, you should be there. Finally, we will be having a potluck lunch, two minute soapbox and a raffle. A lot will be packed into six hours, so don't miss it.

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