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Thread: Obama Threatens to Veto CISPA

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    ...he's not going to veto it. If he is against it in any way, it would only be because he doesn't think it goes far enough.
    Given the fact that Prince Barry's spin-team reacts in real-time due to contemporary social technology, and forum conversation like this very thread, and given that it is an election year; Barry's veto statement is merely a demographic popularity probe.

    George Soros' puppet POTUS administration cannot function in the absence of incremental tyranny and suppression.
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    Default Obama threatens to veto CISPA if it comes to his desk

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    He threatened to veto NDAA too, LOL.

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    Says,'s all the same right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nano1895 View Post
    He threatened to veto NDAA too, LOL.
    did he really?

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    Maybe he thinks it's not draconian enough ...
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    I believe Obama.

    Said the joker to the thief.
    Quote Originally Posted by Origanalist View Post
    There would be riots in the streets, if boobus gave one shit about his honor.
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    So, is it at all possible that Obama has proven himself a loyal puppet, and to keep his puppet ass in the oval office this bill will be rushed through JUST so he could veto it? Just sayin.
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    i could see him vetoing it too look good to the public,then if he gets the nod for another 4 more years hell sign it into law then when it comes back to his desk.

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    Could Obama say he will veto it so Republican are more apt to voting for it in the Senate.. then CISPA passes.. and he doesn't veto it? Obama is playing tricks!

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    If he does veto it, it will only be for the purpose of reelection. Once November passes it will be rushed threw both the house and senate on a holiday (Christmas eve sounds good).

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    he will either sign it and say he wont enforce it (like ndaa) or he will do like the rest of you^ are saying .
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    Same ole Obama "dog and pony" show shit.

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