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Thread: Rep. Paul supporters elected to half of Minnesota GOP convention delegation

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    Rep. Paul supporters elected to half of Minnesota GOP convention delegation

    From the Pierce County (WI.) Herald online:

    Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex) continued to display strong support among Minnesota Republicans as his Presidential campaign won more delegate slots at Congressional District conventions held Saturday across the state.

    Paul's campaign swept all the delegate and alternate slots in Congressional District No. 2, which south metro suburbs and CD 4 which is St. Paul, Ramsey County and the east metro. Paul's forces also won two delegate slots each in CD 1, which is southern Minnesota and CD 8 which is northern Minnesota.

    All the CD conventions have conclude and Paul has won 20 out of the 24 delegate slots at stake and nearly all of the alternates. Given that the composition of the delegations to the state convention, which is set for May 4-5 in St. Cloud, is similar to that of the CD conventions, there is a very good chance Rep. Paul will come away with the lion's share of delegates from Minnesota.

    The state convention will choose a slate of 13 at large delegate for the national convention which is in Tampa Aug. 27-30

    The CD conventions also gave endorsements to GOP candidates for the House of Representatives. Incumbents Rep. John Kline and Rep. Chip Cravaack were both endorsed for re-election in CD's 2 and 8 while Dan Flood was endorsed in CD 4. The endorsement contest at the CD 1 convention in Mankato between Allan Quist and state Sen. Mike Perry went 23 ballots and ended up with no endorsement. The convention lasted until early Sunday morning and may reconvene in order to complete the endorsement process.

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    We control most of the CD leadership positions as well. I know that many of the slates worked very well and that those running in each position were the most effective when NOT focusing on divisive issues. Many of our candidates would have made excellent national delegates on their individual merit alone. One thing to note...there will be blowback. You don't just unseat an entire establishment group within a party and expect there not to be repercussions. I'm reminded of Pat Robertson's campaign in the 80s.

    Most notable is that a group of Liberty delegates decided to step up to the plate and run for state representative in their respective house districts. Even more intriguing is that this group is based in heavily DFL St. Paul and taking on long-time incumbents in their areas. I know of two campaign websites up at the moment as a few have yet to be endorsed officially but would be running unopposed.

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    Someone should be looking closely at all the redistricted house and senate seats and trying to ID ones with a DFLer incumbant that lost part of their more DFL precincts and gained GOP areas. Should be a good handful of opportunities. Although I suppose all the senate districts and counties have already endorsed all the candidates at their conventions? Or are some doing that in further conventions.

    Just food for thought. It is a shame to waste resources in a heavily DFL district with zero chance of winning. Even though I think it is great people are stepping up to the plate.

    Also look for city council seats. Look at Kurt Bills as an example. Started in city council and then got endorsed for House and now maybe can be the GOP endorsed candidate for Senate. All in a four year time span. Think small where you can win.

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