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Thread: Convention hall signaling strategies?

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    Convention hall signaling strategies?

    In our Oklahoma 5th District convention, where BTW we swept the convention with Operation Shock and Awe, we rented a booth in the foyer where Ron Paul delegates could sign-in and get the low-down on who to vote for and in what order. We had chosen to spread out in the hall and not bunch up.
    Soon, we discovered our cell phones of all different carriers, strangely lost all signals inside the convention hall when the voting process began. We just voted right down the list and dominated the event. Having the table to distribute "the list" and nondescript generic stickers to "zone captains" in charge of signaling their section really helped, but the dead cell phones meant we needed to adopt primitive, but creative ad-hoc systems of communicating.

    The 3rd District is a large rural area and we didn't have the luxury of a large pre-convention meeting. In our 3th District, we also swept the convention, but we were denied a table in the foyer and had to scramble to organize in the parking lot. The 3rd District Vice Chairman tried to get us kicked out of the parking lot for electioneering and called one of the Sheriff's Deputies, but the Deputy chose not to do anything and he went away. Fortunately, we got our list in the hands of enough people, but being rural and not having a table in the foyer, those with lists and briefings were razor-thin. We were forced to resort to a system of walking around the aisles holding fingers indicating the voting order, which did not go unnoticed by the committee. Sacrificial guests were used to walk the aisles with fingers showing. Fortunately, those with lists spontaneously passed the word among all the good Ron Paul farmers who all got the job done, but there were a few casualties (me) escorted out for walking the aisles with fingers showing a number.

    Saturday, we want to repeat the total domination of Oklahoma District 3 and 5 in District 4. For cases where organization is thwarted by cell phone jammers, denial of foyer tables for registration of Ron Paul delegates and other means they might employ to keep us disorganized and out of touch , what are some good ways to get the word out to liberty-loving rural farmers who didn't attend a pre-brief game plan, in the convention hall?

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    I suggest that this not be placed in an area of public view.

    I will say that your best bet is to have an overwhelming number of delegates so you don't actually have to conceal who you are or who you support. Meet with others by district at a venue away from the convention and get a list of names if you haven't been provided one by a 'grassroots for Ron Paul' organization in your state.

    Hell, we all sat in the same section (which we would do differently, if we had it to do again) and passed notes.

    Nothing was said, but then again, maybe that's a difference between the (dying) Southwest Georgia GOP versus the corrupt Atlanta/Athens area GOP.
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    specific colored hats, cards, fans or batons, something you decide locally, right before the event so the other side can't scope it out, and raise when it is time to vote etc. Radios are good. PM DonovanJames maybe..

    I agree that overwhelming number is the best bet, but once you have that, you do need to communicate.
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    Romney people wore their buttons and they had a majority.

    If you have the numbers, do what you want.
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    This is getting silly.
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    It started silly.
    T.S. Elliot's The Hollow Men

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