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Thread: Video evidence of vote fraud at WY State Convention on April 14th

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    Default Video evidence of vote fraud at WY State Convention on April 14th

    All the action is within the first 5 minutes of the video.

    The video begins with the parliamentarian from the RNC explaining the problem with 3 extra ballots being cast. He is followed by the MC (former governor Jim Geringer) for a brief moment and then the Romney attorney (Lee Rudofsky sp?) comes to the mic and says that the campaign agrees with the decision of the parliamentarian. Then I come to the mic and I also say that our campaign agrees, but I point out where the extra ballots came from - the executive committee. Watch and you see that I put my hands out to the side, indicating that they came from the head tables. I do not name names at the mic, however, everyone quickly figured out who it was from word of mouth across the convention floor.

    The state chairwoman cast a ballot and was not entitled to a vote. My legislator told me afterwards that she knew better than to cast a vote because he heard her speak at a state meeting last month where she SAID that she does not get to vote at convention. BTW, my legislator is on the Romney advisory team for the state so for him to say this, I have no doubt it's true.

    The national committee woman, Jan Larimer, cast TWO ballots. She is the former Vice Chairman under Micheal Steele, of the entire RNC. Do you think she knew that casting 2 ballots is wrong? I think she did. She was an actual delegate from her county so she was entitled to a vote - 1 VOTE.

    Then national committee man, Greg Schaffer, cast a ballot and was not entitled to vote. He is on the state advisory board for the Romney Campaign.

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    You may want to cross post to Titus's thread about his new website that collects all such videos in one spot.

    Send him a PM as well.

    PS: Please add to the video description when the video was taken. I presume it was April 14, 2012 but it does not say that.
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    Please explain in this thread the business about a separate election for delegates that have a difference of 3 votes.

    A difference of 3 votes seems like an awfully small number considering the extent of the fraud. I think this should have been re-voted completely.

    I could not hear what was said at 3:30, where the Ron Paul people had a different suggestion on what to do than the Romney people. It seems pretty critical to understand that.

    If you have the patience to add subtitles to the video (at least in parts where it's difficult to understand) that would be great.

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    can we use it to challenge anything or at least embarrass them?
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    Embarrass I have handled if y'all can help me advertise the website ( I'll be forwarding to the campaign over the weekend, since most of the vetting is done. It may take me a couple days to get that up. It's not that complicated but I have a couple of red light camera ticket trials to do this week.
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    That's me as the Paul Campaign person at the mic. What I said was that our campaign also agreed with the parliamentarian, but that I also wanted to point out that the three extra ballots came from "up here" and I put my hands out to indicate that they came from the head tables on the stage, which is where the executive committee sits during the convention. Now go back up to my original post with the link and you can see who the extra ballots came from. I do not name them at the mic, I just indicate that they're from the executive committee.

    The decision we agreed to was based on the bylaws of the RNC. It was the only option that the parliamentarian would offer us. I asked for a complete re-vote but he would not allow it. The agreement was that if the difference in votes was 3 or less between the last delegate and the first alternate or the last alternate and the first non-alternate, we would have a revote among only those 2 individuals.

    Realize this - I have no official roll in the Ron Paul campaign. I'm a grassroots organizer and I was never given permission by the Paul campaign to speak on their behalf. If they choose to do something about all of this, they can. I was not "authorized" to speak for them. I would simply say that I was speaking on behalf of the Paul voters that were present, since I was leading them. I should have said, at the mic, that as the grassroots leader, I agreed. I did not have a phone number of anyone at the campaign that I could call for advice on what to do and I just had to make the decision myself.

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    OK, you did great considering the circumstance. Thanks for standing up that way and thanks for the person recording. Keep those cameras rolling!

    I watched till the end but did not see when they re-voted.

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    We did not re-vote at all. The difference between the first alternate (our guy) and the last delegate (their guy) was 8 votes (so it was 5 when you take away the 3 fraudulent votes). We would only have re-voted if the difference was 3 or less and the vote would have been between the 2 of them.

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    It's shocking that no official Ron Paul campaign representative was at the convention. I think there's been enough donations to afford official people attend the conventions.
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    For whatever reason, the campaign chose to pretend that WY doesn't exist. Anytime we called, they would say, "We're relying on grassroots organizers there." Uh, yea, that was obvious to those of us that were doing the work. I don't think they realized how easy it would have been to win this state with the supporters that we had who were willing to do all the work. We didn't actually need them other than as advisors and the advisor offers came far too late. I got a phone message from a campaign member, AFTER I got home from the convention. He probably called prior to the convention, but I didn't get the message until I returned home.

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