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Thread: Establishment Republicans and Lib Democrats trying to destroy KIDS FOOD AT SCHOOL

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    Default Establishment Republicans and Lib Democrats trying to destroy KIDS FOOD AT SCHOOL

    This is really bad, Rep Steve King a Republican who I to respect BUT NO MORE has come to the defense of putting PINK SLIME THIS IS HORRIBLE TO PUT IN ARE KIDS LUNCHES:

    Once again we see Republicans and Government working hand and hand. It's one thing when the Democrats do it, THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS THE PARTY OF GOVERNMENT. When Republicans and President Obama agree that kids lunches NEED PINK SLIME in them it's just shows you Republicans have still not learned from the Tea Party that GOVERNMENT DOESN'T KNOW BEST.

    Call Steve King of Iowa and tell him NO TO PINK SLIME

    Phone: 202.225.4426
    Fax: 202.225.3193

    Then please sign this petition and call Congress 2022243121

    Petition Below:


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    I have no problem with whatever is being served at a school , that should be decided locally and nobody has to eat it. My only problem with King here , would be , why is congress involved in school lunch ?

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    If I had a school , once a week , I would send some kids out to harvest/kill own lunch . This is what they need to learn , due to economic factors beyond control of said youngsters , by the time they are my age , that will be the only way they can eat.

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