If you watch TV, you might think the President comprehends the economy.

But like others in DC, he is just an attorney; thus, he does not see, the woes caused by the departure from the market of free. Keynesian fairy-tales are the basis of his policies—not the Austrian-based wisdom of economic reality.

Fed takes a $ from you—but before it gets to me, fed must pay for the electricity. And that is merely one of an array of possibilities; for invoking fed, casts a magnitude of potentialities, which would be impossible to exaggerate.

After all the necessaries, of fed’s bureaucracies and red-tape creativities are met, I am pleased to receive the recompense, of twenty-six cents.

Mr. Obama’s push for Infrastructure spending emanating from DC, was and is a crony-based policy, for building bridges to Nowhere of the highest quality; but it is not a sensible economic policy.

Private enterprise’s interest—is enterprise; accordingly, they are the entity with highest degree of incentive, for sensible infrastructure development.

Political incentives are instinctual—the primal instinct that is the lure of “power.”

Savings has improved—but lest we forget, about debt—public and private.

More savings = actual capital, backed by actual unconsumed assets—180° out from the borrowing feats required for a K-street stimulus feat. Eliminating income, cap-gain, and death taxes, coupled with less borrowing, will enhance currency circulation. Indeed, the circulation of real currency.

Capital = more free enterprise, more production, and a return of the American advancing competitive spirit in the global economy.

Indeed, in 2012, we need Americans working their asses off in the private sector creating, innovating and making things that don't cruise missiles, bust bunkers, or kill people.

To do this, we need less government spending, not more—a repeal of the commerce clause would help furthermore.

Subsequently, we must infuse free—with an amendment to the Bill of Rights for you and me: "Congress and the States shall make no law interfering with production and commerce, foreign or domestic."

T Kosciuszko

It is rational to think, and there is evidence to support, that the lure of reward, does attract capital. And active capital—rouses dynamic interests