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Thread: 2012 Liberty Candidates in SC

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    2012 Liberty Candidates in SC

    I just wanted to open a place here for people to post Liberty/Freedom/Ron Paul Candidates running in SC this year. It doesn't matter what party they are, just as long as they uphold the principles of the Liberty Movement. Preferrably candidates who have been, or you think would be endorsed by or the RLC.

    US House

    State Senate

    Kevin Bryant- Republican- District 3- Unopposed

    Danny Verdin- Republican- District 9- Unopposed
    No Website

    Lee Bright- Republican- District 12- Opposed

    Shane Martin- Republican- District 13- Unopposed

    Katrina Shealy- Republican Petition- District 23- Opposed

    Deedee Vaughters- Republican- District 26- Opposed

    Tom Davis- Republican- District 46-Unopposed

    State House

    John Dalen- Republican Petition- District 1- Opposed

    Ed Rumsey- Republican Petition- District 2- Opposed

    Joshua Putnam- Republican- District 10- Unopposed (With us most of the time, new enough to still be open-minded)

    Evan Mulch- Republican Petition- District 33- Opposed (Awaiting Petitions)

    Donna Wood- Republican- District 37- Unopposed

    Eddie McCain- Republican Petition- District 39- Opposed

    Ryan Payne- Republican- District 44- 3-Way General Election

    John Steinberger- Republican Petition- District 114- Opposed


    County Council


    Other Offices
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    I'll start it off:

    Ryan Payne is a Paul supporter. He's running for the open District 44 State House seat primarily in Lancaster County. He's facing a primary challenge from an establishment Republican, Joe Coy. Ryan is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, streamlining SC's tax code, cutting income taxes, eliminating business property taxes, ending economic incentive packages, and ending state-funded lobbyists. He's also vowed to support bills that enhance personal freedoms, and fight against those that limit them. He has been endorsed by State Sen. Tom Davis, who also endorsed Ron Paul. His website:
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    Spartanburg, SC (Suggestions?)

    Any suggestions for people who live in Spartanburg, SC to check into?

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    If you have any great candidates running for US House (or US Senate), be sure to add them to this thread:
    Twitter: B4Liberty@USAB4L
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    Thanks for that link. I'll keep an eye on it to see if anything comes up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythias View Post
    Any suggestions for people who live in Spartanburg, SC to check into?
    I don't know of any in the Upstate. I've posted a link to this thread on several of our SC Ron Paul Facebook groups. Hopefully I'll get some help filling it in.

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    Recently, I was told by some local Ron Paul supporters that Lee Bright is one worth checking into.

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    Lee endorsed Dr. Paul. I don't really know much more about him.

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    Danny Verdin, SC state senate, district 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenH88 View Post
    Danny Verdin, SC state senate, district 9.
    What do you know about Verdin? I had never heard of him before he endorsed Paul.

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    LEE BRIGHT Sign Wave - Spartanburg, SC June 2

    Lee Bright Sign Wave
    Saturday, June 2 11AM-2PM
    Westgate Mall, Spartanburg SC
    Park @ Sears Auto Center

    Donate here:


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    I'm going to be updating this thread now that our primaries are done, and petitions are coming due. Please let me know of any additions.

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    SC C4L Survey Results

    FYI. The survey program isn't everything but it helps hold some accountable and gives ammo to help hold them accountable.

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