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Thread: How To Stop Romney from Clinching the Nomination?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerryb View Post
    Ron Paul will NEVER, EVER, get media coverage.

    Please cure your Stockholm Syndrome, ASAP.
    Ron Paul will not win the nomination without media coverage. It just isn't going to happen. If you believe that Ron Paul is NEVER, EVER get media coverage, as you put it, then you are resigning yourself to failure. I would much rather work on getting him media coverage, because all that's really needed is to get beyond the tipping point, and he will get coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jemuf View Post

    In one of the above posts Zeloc said "Continuing to do what we have been doing is not going to work. I proposed in several posts that we need a unified, national, grassroots campaign, with a person appointed/elected as a leader who will coordinate efforts."

    I move that Zeloc is our leader.
    Thank you for your motion but I work insane hours and would not be able to do this role. If I were to take the role, I would create a list of all the persons willing to help, ideally those whose caucus/primaries have passed, so that all of these great individuals from throughout the nation could focus on 1 state. Then we would coordinate with those in the state to divide responsibilities based on what they could do in-state that the others could not. I would allocate persons to various tasks. Eg maybe there is a small team in charge of bumper stickers with the aim of getting 5% of cars with a Ron Paul bumper sticker within that state (free exposure to large amounts of people). I would contact newspapers and see if they are willing to interview persons on their support for Ron Paul. 1 group might be in charge of posting e-mails/twitter accounts here of those giving biased coverage within that state so that they can be sent messages by thousands of persons on this forum. This would make a difference, I saw a reporter on TV saying that he got thousands of e-mails after removing a poll that Ron Paul was winning. 1 team would be assigned on how to identify and get Democrats and independents to switch party affiliation and vote for Ron Paul.

    What is really needed is an intelligent, concerted effort. Unfortunately I only have time to sign on here periodically and not in large periods of time but I see threads here all over the place and a lot of effort wasted. I think if anyone here is willing to step up to help coordinate the national efforts of all the thousands of persons here on this forum it would be appreciated. Maybe someone who was in charge of a state campaign that is over. jemuf, maybe you can take this role?

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