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Thread: Pic of Bill O Reilly with Topless Woman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noble Savage View Post
    you aint never been to a titty bar?
    I went once when I turned 18 (one of those "juice bar" no alcohol types) and never again. All the women there were disheveled (a brunette dancer had visible bruises on her body) and most likely on drugs. Not my kind of thing. There may be better ones but I'd rather not pay 8 dollars for a drink and watch some girl with fake breasts dance around a pole or grind against me for large amounts of money when she isn't even in to it. I like seeing naked women but strip clubs just seem like a waste of time and money to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerailingDaTrain View Post
    Bill O'Reilly pretty much believes that nobody has a right to privacy anywhere or a reasonable expectation of privacy either. He also criticizes people for their sexual lives all the time so I don't care if he's caught up in a scandal.
    That is one reason I don't (can't) watch his show. He is a hypocritical fool. I would just rather the "news" be "Bill O'Reilly Thought Process Horribly Illogical." Believe me, if I had Bill O'Reilly money I would have an entourage of topless women. The "scandal" in my eyes is that they are two (probably three) men and one woman. But even that my beliefs will not let me concern myself about. I guess as they say, "whatever floats your boat."

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