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Thread: Ron Paul video response to "The Real Mitt Romney"

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    Thumbs up Ron Paul video response to "The Real Mitt Romney"

    Made this. I know it isn't perfect but I figured I'd share it with you guys. I even put the URL of the Forums on the bottom of the clip.

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    Some feedback would be nice! I know I messed up a bit because some of the video froze in the rendering process, but I hope you like it! I'm probably gonna make a longer version, I just put quite a bit of time into it so I wanted to share it right away.

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    I liked the mix of old and new footage. It shows that his position has been consistent. Would've been better if it rhymed like the original, but I know that would take a LOT of work. One thing the original lacked was subtitles (but there's really no need here, since it doesn't rhyme).

    If this was one of your first attempts, it's a good start.

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    Nice, but video needs to be fixed. Additionally, for me atleast in the latter half the music gets too loud and audio seems not loud enough (or atleast loud enough in comparison). Would atleast minimally suggest a re-rendering to fix that. Never uploaded on youtube, can you replace the original video or is it locked once you upload? Your eagerness may have gotten a bit of the better of you here. Thanks for sharing though!

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    If you're open to some constructive criticism I think your idea is very clever and would benefit from a few small adjustments:

    Part of the media circus is that you've got Ron Paul, real conservative, being ignored, and all these pretenders hogging the spotlight with utter crap while Paul can barely get his message out.

    I would play that up. Keep the first ~20 seconds as-is, maybe when RP says "I'm Ron Paul, I'm the champion of the Constitution," you could actually cut him off mid-speech and have Romney jump in saying "I'm a severe conservative" and have Santorum saying "I'm the authentic conservative," maybe throw in a few other ridiculous things like Bachmann saying "I'm the iron lady!" or such.

    Then you could grab one of the clips from the debates where RP scolds someone for interrupting him, like the line of him smiling and saying "please don't interrupt me":

    THEN launch into the rest of your video which is basically a Ron Paul rap

    Only other comment, as JustinL mentioned, leveling all the audio is key. I don't know what program you use to edit, but in most programs it's relatively easy to do. In Adobe Premiere for example you can just drag the level for each clip up and down.

    By the way I'm also looking for some feedback on my video which I posted about an hour before you, please check it out!
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    I'm willing to accept all criticisms. I'm aware of all the shortcomings and hope that I can fix it.

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