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Thread: What about this technique/sign for young voters

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    Default What about this technique/sign for young voters

    A sign that says something to the effect of "Help my future vote Ron Paul." or "If you believe in my future vote Ron Paul" or something similar to get older people to start listening to us by capturing their hearts.

    Comments? Suggestions?

    I hope I posted this in the right area! =)
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    Rules to gain ground for our efforts. Remember we are the role models for liberty don't abuse it.
    Constructive criticism
    No condescending tones
    Allow room for disagreement
    Be respectful
    It takes time
    Don't flip out when "bad" things happen
    Be forward looking and be part of the solution not just the reaction
    There is no perfect candidate
    Support freedom locally as well as nationally
    Don't worry about negatives said against us but instead worry about giving something positive to say.

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