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Thread: Congressman Tim Johnson (endorsed Ron Paul) is retiring

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    That's kind of a dick move, since he just won the Republican primary for that district.

    Another anti-PATRIOT Act Congressman has been lost, one who has become more libertarian as time as worn on.
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    Default Illinois Rep. Tim Johnson to retire

    Illinois Rep. Tim Johnson to retire

    By Cameron Joseph and Emily Goodin - 04/04/12 06:47 PM ET

    Rep. Tim Johnson (R-Ill.) will retire this year despite winning his GOP primary just a few weeks ago, The Hill has confirmed.

    During the redistricting process, in which Illinois lost a seat, Johnson's GOP-leaning district was made more Democratic by Dems, who controlled the process.

    That was a factor in Johnson's decision, according to the Capitol Fax, an Illinois political newsletter, which first reported the news.

    He will announce his decision Thursday, according to the report, which also stated Johnson felt comfortable with his decision given that perennial candidate David Gill will be the likely Democratic nominee. Johnson easily defeated Gill in 2010 with 64 percent of the vote. Gill was also the nominee against Johnson in 2004 and 2006.
    He endorsed Ron, didn't he?

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    Maybe Rahm sent him a fish.
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    Its rough being a Republican in IL.

    The recent gerrymandering has cost us a few really good ones.

    I'm not an apologist for anyone, but I cant say I blame the guy a whole lot. IL is the birthplace of evil - IMO.
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    Default Rep. Tim Johnson of Illinois (endorsed Ron) will not seek re-election

    That sucks. He was one of only a few members of the House to endorse Ron. The other two are Walter Jones and Justin Amash.

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