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Thread: Walworth Co. Caucus on April 21st!

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    Walworth Co. Caucus on April 21st!


    I am registering to become a member of the Walworth Co. GOP today, in hopes to have my card before the 21st, so that I can participate.

    Is anyone else planning on being there? I am interested in trying to become a delegate, but am not familiar with the process. If somebody else is going who is familiar with everything, I would be grateful for some help in the whole process.

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    are you sure its the Walworth Co Caucus? I thought it was all district caucuses that day... anyway i'd review roberts rules and nominate yourself once delegate nominations come around... unless you already had to be added... then you are going to have to try and get added to that list then make your case to get voted. dont worry about resolutions unless you want to. just review the stuff they give you and vote yay or nay. volunteer for any available position if you can but we are trying to get on RULES AND CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE and of course the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. good luck.

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    Correct, actually. It is not the Walworth Co. caucus, it is the district caucus. From what I understand I am already too late to be elected a delegate, because apparently I would have had to been elected during the county caucus... is this true?

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