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    Did anyone notice the Ron Paul sign on the guys fridge. Episode "Close the doors and load the shotguns"
    "It takes a revolution, to make a solution. Too much confusion, so much frustration" Bob Marley

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    I stand with Rand!


    A lpt of peeps here prep. Check out the Freedom Living sub-forum.
    Public education is not education ... it is schooling.
    Our military is not defense ... it is warmongering and empire building.
    Government police do not protect ... they control.
    Regulations do not regulate ... they protect the status quo.
    Government banks do not distribute money based on effort ... it is gifted to close friends ... and some of it trickles down.

    The result is war, poverty, fear, chaos, and hopelessness for most people with abundance for a few elite.

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    I therefore do solemnly swear not to shoot and or maim anyone displaying a Ron Paul bumper sticker and or t-shirt

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