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Thread: Brian Kalk? ND-AL US House of Reps seat

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    Default Brian Kalk? ND-AL US House of Reps seat

    Anybody in North Dakota know much about Brian Kalk? He was elected Public Services Commissioner, a statewide position, in 2008. He was a Marine and a college professor prior to running for office.

    I saw on his Facebook page he likes the local Ron Paul organization and another Campaign for Liberty group. Before the caucus he predicted Ron Paul would win. I would love to hear anything from folks on the ground there.
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    Imperial- He seems to endorse non interventionism early on his foreign policy page:Our nation must have a foreign policy that puts America first. It must ensure that our security and economic needs, around the world, are provided for. It must be based on reality, not ideological fantasy.

    However he later says:"America has a huge stake in the Middle East and around the world. The days when we could hide behind the oceans are over. And, because this Administration has been negligent and inept, our vital interests are threatened around the world, particularly, in the Middle East.

    He's probably going to be very good on foreign aid issues but seems to support empire.
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    Kalk put out a press release expressing disapproval of the aid package to Egypt. He hit both the liberty and the tea party supporters with his reasoning, but basically it was "we're broke and we'd probably be funding a government that isn't friendly to us."

    Like I've said before, he's not a pure liberty guy but he was not the establishment pick and knows that he won the convention endorsement because of the Paul supporters' critical swing vote from other candidates in the second round of voting. His opponent got roughly the same votes each round.

    I think he could be a guy that liberty activists could work with on some issues. Probably not all. But if Obama's timetable for withdrawal from AFG holds, it may be an issue largely off the table for 2014-16, which I think would be to the liberty lobby's advantage since there are a lot of "tea party" Republicans that support the liberty domestic platform.

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