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Thread: RT calls out Rand for defending the free market and oil companies...go defend him!

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    Default RT calls out Rand for defending the free market and oil companies...go defend him!

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    So, the Russian government doesn't like the free market. Go figure. lol.
    I have many friends in the libertarian movement who look down on those of us who get involved in political activity,
    he acknowledged, but "eventually, if you want to bring about changes what you have to do is participate in political
    -- Ron Paul

    "We do have some differences and our approaches will be different, but that makes him his own person. I mean why should he [Rand] be a clone and do everything and think just exactly as I have. I think it's an opportunity to be independent minded. We are about 99% the same on issues." "People Try To Drive Wedges Between Rand And Me." --Ron Paul

    The Property Basis of Rights

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    So, the Russian government doesn't like the free market. Go figure. lol.
    And they really don't like competitors to their state-run oil company Gazprom. Especially since the biggest competitors are US oil companies that Rand Paul wants to make more competitive through lessening the tax burden on. Putin/Russia don't want more competition and thus their state-run media outlet Russia Today doesn't want more competition so they bash Rand Paul's attempts at boosting their competitors.

    I hate to admit it but that's also why they put libertarians on as well. Russia sees it in its interest for the US to have a less interventionist foreign policy so they promote those ideas through their state-run media outlets like RT.

    I think it undermines them in the end though. It exposes their predominately American viewers of Russian descent (A guess on my part) to ideas of liberty and makes figures like Ron/Rand Paul available to follow up on. When RT plays clips of Ron Paul railing on the imperial foolishness of Afghanistan I can't help but think the viewer will make the connection with Russia's blunder and their own renewed and (equally foolish) imperial designs.
    "The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack...that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." "Attack Libya UPDATE 8/13: and Syria"

    "We can track down terrorists without trampling on our civil liberties.... the federal government will only issue warrants and execute searches because it needs to, not because it can." "Need to murder UPDATE 8/13: and track citizens" ~ Barack H. Obama

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    Hey, you can't please everybody.
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