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Thread: Thank Justin Amash for standing up for liberty by wishing him a happy 32nd birthday!

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    Default Thank Justin Amash for standing up for liberty by wishing him a happy 32nd birthday!

    Go here to send him a birthday message:

    Here's the letter he posted from his wife on his Facebook page about it:

    I've known Justin for 18 years and have been married to him for nearly nine of them. One of the things I love most about him is how strongly committed he is to those around him.

    Justin is passionately committed to me, our three kids, his family, his church, his work, and his community.

    As a member of Congress, he's also extremely committed to you.

    He holds true to the Constitution and respects individual rights.

    He's never missed a vote and explains each and every one of them on Facebook.

    The workload can be a challenge for our family at times, but Justin does this so you have a Representative who is transparent, principled, and accountable to you. And he does this to make our country a better place for future generations.

    Justin has his 32nd birthday coming up, and I'll be thinking that day about how grateful I am to know him as a husband, father, and friend.

    I know that you've appreciated his approach to governance, so I'm hoping you'll spend a few minutes to let him know how thankful you are for his efforts.

    We've made an online card for you to sign as a way for you to wish him well on his birthday. You can find it at

    By signing this card, you can let Justin know that you appreciate him. More important, heíll know that you've got his back in the 2012 campaign, especially when the inevitable false attacks start flying.

    And once you've signed the card, please consider chipping in $32 or more to celebrate his 32nd birthday.

    Justinís birthday isn't until April 18, but let's get a head start on this and see how many signers we can get before March 31!

    I hope you'll join in!


    Kara Amash

    P.S. Don't forget to forward the link ( to your friends and to share it on Facebook. We've got a few weeks until his birthday. Let's get 10,000 signers for his birthday card!

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    Amash is the one who increased awareness to the NDAA and thanks to his advocacy there is now a definite charge to repeal the indefinite detention provision. We absolutely must keep him in DC. This is priority number 2 second only to pushing Paul to the Whire House.

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