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Rand Paul and Destiny: Often the measure of a man lies in the path he must walk

I know not what path he had to walk, endure, or navigate through the emotional landmines of events called his earlier life as a son, student, doctor, husband and father.
Many of my liberal, progressive Democratic and independent friends have criticized me for my writings and observations of the Kentucky junior senator. On the surface, it is easy to label Rand Paul. Some of my liberal friends think of him as “so anti government” as to be a threat to America’s future. Many of my friends who are very conservative West Kentucky old guard Republicans tell he is something of a modern day “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” – a man who is very confused about how government should work.
This man is without labels. You cannot call him conservative, liberal, independent, progressive, or libertarian. He is all of these. His core values reflect elements from each of these philosophical movements. Yet, so far he is resisting the seductive ease of becoming full of himself and being placed on the pillar as Washington Insider for life as a professional politician much like First District Congressman Ed Whitfield.
The yellow brick road of modern America is brick by brick being redefined as a political, social, economic, military, and environmental battlefield over who will have the right to shape and lead America into the 21st Century. We are no longer in Kansas. America is deep into an alternative space. For many there is no longer a safe haven. All that is old, familiar, stable, known, and comfortable is rapidly being jettisoned for the greedy speculation of Wall Street, power of dominance over whole economic classes of people, and the siren call of empire in a troubled world.

When the fog of public discourse from the many voices right, left, and center have stopped screaming at each other; when the day is passing into tomorrow and the future is being born from the present; Rand Paul will become the right man, at the right time in history, with the right core message, with the right blend of common sense and internal stubbornness to force history to bend.
All this to say, that the voice and strength of character that is Senator Rand Paul will be at the center of designing a new future for America. His latest product for his time spent in Washington is Fiscal Year Budget: A Platform to Revitalize America.

The simple truth is that he will not back down on his principles, nor will he be a part of the classic way of doing business in the Congress. Senator Paul is his own man.
Senator Rand Paul’s attempt to draft a balance budget is not nice nor is it pretty. In many ways, I am shocked at its brutal handling of resources and long standing public policy commitments. However, I realize that much of what he is trying to say is a large dose of reality. We can no longer afford what we call government. On so many levels it is broken.
Senator Rand Paul has the ability to grow beyond his station in life. A passionate effective leader at the right time with the right message can become the moral high ground for merging all the harsh and overbearing voices of status quo into a new “Big Tent” of American politics.