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Thread: Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Lower Gas Prices

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    Default Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Lower Gas Prices

    "Can't get healthcare to our old people, can't educate our young people, but we can bomb the sh*t out of your country alright" - George Carlin

    "We're in two wars that are costing us trillions of dollars. Those trillions of dollars should have been left in the economy to build jobs and produce prosperity here at home" - Ron Paul

    "We spend 1.5 trillion dollars overseas in wars we don't need to be in and we need to cut there. And then put that money back into our economy here." - Ron Paul

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    Pretty good for no teleprompter. Too bad you won't see this on the nightly news.

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    has rand been at the tanning booth lately? I can see the goggle lines.

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    The video was titled Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendments to Lower Gas Prices - 03/27/12. I watched the whole video and it isn't about lowering gas prices. Oh well.
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    Good job Rand! Like Rand said, more taxes would just be passed onto the consumer. At 0535, Rand talks about the specific amendments. Instead of increasing fuel taxes which would make prices jump even more, he recommends lowering the tax which would bring costs down. This would also be a flat tax across the board for all companies. The next amendment would take away the crony loan program and free up additional funds.
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