Jordan Page coming to Hawaii

I've been in contact with musician and Ron Paul patriot Jordan Page and he has agreed to do a concert the weekend of July 14 here on Oahu. Total expenses for the event and bringing him out will be under $4k. I'm looking for ideas for fundraising and venue, also wanted to see how many people were interested.

The Hawaii Campus Liberty Coalition will be promoting and fundraising on the UH and HPU campuses but we need your help.

To hear some of Jordan's music check out his website at and also check out

Jordan will be doing a podcast interview with us next month.

Expense List:
Gig Fee for Jordan: $2000
Roundtrip tickets from Indiana: Variable
Hotel for 3 nights: $360
Venue: ??? Not sure where would be the best place to have the concert. Looking for input.

If you would like to contribute time or money please contact me at