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Thread: Ron Paul Sweeps Saint Louis City!

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    Ron Paul Sweeps Saint Louis City!

    The Ron Paul grass roots organization in Saint Louis City has just succeeded in securing all of Saint Louis City's delegates to both the Congressional District and State conventions! Congratulations, and thanks for everyone's hard work!

    The Revolution marches on...

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    Oh, that is awesome! I can't wait for our re-scheduled caucus in St. Charles County.

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    Damn but you sure know how to make an entrance.

    I vote this the best first post ever on RPF!

    <pending verification>

    Just checked DailyPaul and they're reporting the same thing.

    + rep
    Ron Paul: He irritates more idiots in fewer words than any American politician ever.

    NO MORE LIARS! Ron Paul 2012

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    I'm looking forward to Tampa.. It should be interesting.
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