The current Republican Wyoming National Committeewoman is not going to seek reelection. It would be great to a get a wonderful Ron Paul supporter lady to fill in this high ranking position within the Wyoming Republican Party. This is a powerful position in the Wyoming GOP and they are automatic delegates to the National GOP Convention. I am hoping we can fill this position with a fellow Liberty, Freedom loving Ron Paul like-minded supporter.

All the delegates that will be attending the State GOP convention in April will be voting and will be electing our next Wyoming National Committeewoman. Can you see if there are any Republican female delegates that are in your county or in or around Wyoming that may be interested in this vacant position up for election at the State GOP Convention.

Currently, there are 2 candidates - a pro-Romney neo-con & a pro-Gingrich neo-con. We need you!

Also, we have folks on the nominating committee who will make sure you are on the ballot and that there are no shenanigans.

Candidates please contact me privately.