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Thread: Chuck Schumer vs Rand Paul

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    Chuck Schumer vs Rand Paul

    THIS is how the press manufactures consensus on issues and manipulates the public into letting the Government take over their lives:

    Schumer is applying the full-court press on Rand's blocking of a bill that would ban "synthetic pot".

    In today's NY Daily News there are FIVE articles - one being an op-ed from Schumer himself calling out Rand - to generate public outcry for a bill that would give further control to the federal government over what we may and may not buy with the money the government allows us to keep.

    The tactics:
    1. A 3/4 of the cover headline: "KILLER ON YOUR BLOCK" - with an inset photo of the scariest looking package they could find - a flaming pot plant.

    2. The cover story - so much sensationalism it'll make your head spin:

    3. The first hand account of someone that had his life ruined by the scariest thing known to all mankind:

    4. The editorial from the "upstanding" Senator from NY:

    5. PLUS an additional editorial in the opinion section to drive home this is something EVERYONE should care about:

    If only war atrocities and the trampling of civil liberties were covered with the same ferocity as these pointless social crusades… this kinda stuff are just distractions. Where were the five articles on the passage of the NDAA? Where were the five articles on the death of the first amendment? etc etc

    (this should probably be moved to the Rand section - but I put it here to get some visibility)

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    Photos of each article (or at least the cover) would be helpful. Can you take a couple?

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    Since Chuck Schumer supports drug prohibition, then doesn't that just show that it's a conservative position to legalize drugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traditional Conservative View Post
    Since Chuck Schumer supports drug prohibition, then doesn't that just show that it's a conservative position to legalize drugs?
    What about alcohol Chuckie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kathy88 View Post
    What about alcohol Chuckie?
    Exactly. All the "statistics" quoted in the sensationalistic article - you can find the same or worse for alcohol. Selective witch hunts.

    Tomorrow I'll report what the letters to the editor look like - I'm guaranteeing they'll be all about how terrible these packets are. Still haven't seen ONE letter about the NDAA - not ONE.

    Mind you, this is also from the same paper where its "liberal voice of reason" - a sports writer - Mike Lupica - Spent all last week standing up for Ray Kelly for spying on Muslims - "because it protects us." God forbid though someone questions the government issuance of healthcare.
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    The local news did a story on the horrors of synthetic pot.

    It's seems that Mike Lee working with Chuckie Schumer on other legislation really bought us some goodwill.
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    Meh. Disregard.
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