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Thread: Attention Delegates to the Iowa Platform Committee

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    Attention Delegates to the Iowa Platform Committee

    The county currency plank has progressed from my precinct, through the county convention and has now been adopted by the third congressional district of the Iowa Republican Party. In each speech I gave for the plank I defined "county currency" as "a currency issued by a county government that it accepts in payment of taxes".

    I expect there to be quite a fight because if it makes it into the State platform for the Republican Party of Iowa, there is more than a reasonable chance legislative language could be drafted that would pass the Iowa legislature. If even one State passes this and unburdens its county governments of only State taxes on sales and income in county currencies, it will revolutionize political economics.

    The plank is:

    Transactions conducted in county currencies shall not be subject to Federal or State taxes.

    PS: There may be a "Johnny Currencyseed" business model in helping county governments start their county currencies.
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    I can't remember if this passed or not. I know many were against it at the state convention because it did not state only sound money nor prohibit fiat.

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