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Thread: Ron Paul and Carl Miller on the U.S. Constitution

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    Ron Paul and Carl Miller on the U.S. Constitution

    On the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives
    September 23, 2004

    Remarks on the Constitution by U.S. Congressman Ron Paul

    "The U.S. Constitution is the most unique and best contract ever drawn up between a people and their government in history. Though flawed from the beginning, because all men are flawed, it nevertheless has served us well and set an example for the entire world. Yet no matter how hard the authors tried, the corrupting influence of power was not thwarted by the Constitution.

    The notion of separate state and local government, championed by the followers of Jefferson, was challenged by the Hamiltonians almost immediately following the ratification of the Constitution. Early on, the supporters of strong, centralized government promoted central banking, easy credit, protectionism/mercantilism, and subsidies for corporate interests.

    Although the 19th Century generally was kind to the intent of the Constitution, namely limiting government power, a major setback occurred with the Civil War and the severe undermining of the principle of sovereign states. The Civil War profoundly changed the balance of power in our federalist system, paving the way for centralized big government.

    Although the basic principle underlying the constitutional republic we were given was compromised in the post-Civil War period, it was not until the 20th Century that steady and significant erosion of the constitutional restraints placed on the central government occurred. This erosion adversely affected not only economic and civil liberties, but foreign affairs as well.

    We now have persistent abuse of the Constitution by the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Our leaders in Washington demonstrate little concern for the rule of law, liberty, and our republican form of government.

    Today the pragmatism of the politicians, as they spend more than $2 trillion annually, creates legislative chaos. The vultures consume the carcass of liberty without remorse. On the contrary, we hear politicians brag incessantly about their ability to deliver benefits to their districts, thus qualifying themselves for automatic re-election.

    The real purpose of the Constitution was the preservation of liberty. It's not the Constitution that gives us our freedom, the Constitution is needed to keep the power seekers from usurping that freedom and to hold government in check.

    But our government ignores this while spending endlessly, taxing, and regulating. The complacent electorate, who are led to believe their interests and needs are best cared for by a huge bureaucratic welfare state, convince themselves that enormous federal deficits and destructive inflation can be dealt with another day.

    The answer to the dilemma of unconstitutional government and runaway spending is simple: restore a burning conviction in the hearts and minds of the people that freedom works and government largesse is a fraud. When the people once again regain confidence in the benefits of liberty -- and demand it from their elected leaders -- Congress will act appropriately.

    The response of honorable men and women who represent us should be simply to take their oaths of office seriously, vote accordingly, and return our nation to its proper republican origins. The results would be economic prosperity, greater personal liberty, honest money, abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, and a work made more peaceful when we abandon the futile policy of building and policing an American empire.

    No longer would we yield our sovereignty to international organizations that act outside the restraints placed on government by the Constitution.

    The Constitution and those who have sworn to uphold it are not perfect, and it's understandable that abuse occurs. But it shouldn't be acceptable. Without meticulous adherence to the principle of the rule of law, minor infractions become commonplace and the Constitution loses all meaning.

    Unfortunately that is where we are today. This nonsense that the Constitution is a living, flexible document, taught as gospel in our government schools, must be challenged. The Founders were astute enough to recognize the Constitution was not perfect and wisely permitted amendments to the document -- but they correctly made the process tedious, and thus difficult.

    Without a renewed love for liberty and confidence in its results, it will be difficult if not impossible to restore once again the rule of law under the Constitution.

    I have heard throughout my life how each upcoming election is the most important election ever, and how the very future of our country is at stake. Those fears have always been grossly overstated. The real question is not who will achieve a partisan victory. The real question is will we once again accept the clear restraints placed on the power of the national government by the Constitution.

    Obviously the jury is still out on this issue. However, what we choose to do about this constitutional crisis is the most important "election" of our times, and the results will determine the kind of society our children will inherit. I believe it's worthwhile for all of us to tirelessly pursue the preservation of the elegant Constitution with which we have been so blessed."

    United States Constitution - Young Americans For Liberty

    Forward By Ron Paul

    "The Constitution is a revolutionary document. It is also a perfect illustration of how freedom brings people together.

    The delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 had to draft a charter to limit government and secure liberty for Americans of all kinds -- farmers and industrialists, Christians and deists, from big states and small states. Nothing else but freedom could overcome the divisions and work for everybody.

    The Constitution was not perfect. It allowed for slavery. At first, it lacked a Bill of Rights. The Framers argued that the divided and limited powers enumerated in the Constitution were enough to protect our rights. The Anti-Federalists -- opponents of constitutional ratification like Patrick Henry and George Mason -- argued that there ought to be a Bill of Rights and warned that the president and the federal courts would be too powerful.

    The Framers were very careful not to give the president or the courts the most dangerous powers that government has, however. They only entrusted the power to declare war and raise taxes to Congress, the branch of government most directly answerable to the people. And after the Constitution was ratified, a Bill of Rights was added that forbids any branch of the federal government to interfere with liberties like our right to free speech, to the free exercise of religion, and to keep and bear arms. These guarantees of freedom brought the Framers and the Anti-Federalists together in support of the Constitution once it was adopted.

    Strictly limiting government was a revolutionary idea. What was even more revolutionary was that the Constitution left the most important things in life, like religion and education, free from government control. The Framers knew that no government, no matter how carefully designed, could make people virtuous. That job belongs to families, churches, and communities, not politicians and government schools.

    Right from the start, though, politicians were unhappy about the limits the Constitution placed on them. Even Thomas Jefferson, as president, overstepped his constitutional authority by buying the Louisiana territories. Alexander Hamilton succeeded in creating a nation bank, without constitutional authority, to finance government and centralize economic power.

    Politicians damaged the Constitution not only by violating its letter but also by ignoring the wisdom that created the Constitution in the first place, creating taxes and tariffs that hurt some parts of the country more than others. Just as freedom brings people together, the opposite of freedom -- tariffs, wars, slavery -- tears a country apart.

    Since the Civil War, Washington has done everything that the Framers tried to prevent, from letting the president make wars to interfering in religion and federalizing education. But the people still want freedom. They want a revolution to return to the Constitution.

    Young Americans for Liberty ( is leading the way by educating young people about their rights and demanding that politicians obey the Constitution. That is what YAL means by "winning on principle." Our principles are expressed in the Constitution, so read it carefully and commit its lessons to heart."

    Ron Paul
    Congressman Ron Paul

    Carl Miller - On The Constitution & The Bill Of Rights
    "Everyone who believes in freedom must work diligently for sound money, fully redeemable. Nothing else is compatible with the humanitarian goals of peace and prosperity." -- Ron Paul

    Brother Jonathan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travlyr View Post
    United States Constitution - Young Americans For Liberty

    Carl Miller - On The Constitution & The Bill Of Rights
    Good stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voluntary Man View Post
    Good stuff!
    Dear Voluntary Man,

    Carl Miller's real name is Richard John Champion. He is a multi-convicted, weapons-related felon and three-time habitual offender who has been mentally ill all his life. He has twice been involuntarily incarcerated in an insane asylum in Ypsilanti, Michigan, once as a child and once as an adult.

    More importantly, Champion has a 100% failure rate in cases when he represents himself. This is because knows nothing about the law actually used by the courts. Instead, he uses amateur legal theories as a substitute for real law. But, of course, that will never work, as his track record demonstrates.

    (OR Google "Carl Miller / Richard Champion".).

    CLICK HERE for private attorney general, ROD CLASS.
    (OR Google "Rod Class".).

    CLICK HERE for former deputy sheriff, EDDIE CRAIG.
    (OR Google "Eddie Craig".).

    All The Best,


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