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Thread: Your candidate of choice is NOT the county GOP's business!

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    Your candidate of choice is NOT the county GOP's business!

    At the last county GOP meeting, a man asked for a show of hands for the candidate we support. I was stunned.

    Many attendants complied, some didn't. Then he asked, "Who didn't raise their hands?"

    I later learned that the policy of this county GOP was NOT to endorse candidates UNTIL they receive the nomination of the party by voters.
    It is logical to me that all counties would have this position.

    If you're asked what candidate you support, do not answer -- remind them that GOP members do not endorse candidates until after the nominee is chosen. Mississippi state GOP endorses the candidates AS THE STATE VOTE WENT, nothing more, nothing less . Your candidate choice is not the county GOP's business!

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    From the MS State Bylaws:


    SECTION 1: No committee of the Mississippi Republican Party or any organization authorized to use the name Republican pursuant to the provisions of these By-Laws, whether state, county, or municipal, shall endorse or oppose any Republican candidate for public office prior to a Party primary when the Republican nominee will be selected by primary election.

    SECTION 2: In the event a Party nominee will not be selected bay a primary election, then candidates for national, statewide, state-district, or multi-county offices may be endorsed by the State Central Committee; for county and county-district offices, by the County Executive Committee; and for municipal offices by the Municipal Executive Committee; provided no other committees or organizations organized pursuant to the provisions of these By-Laws may endorse candidates other than those endorsed by the governing committees as specified above."

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