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Thread: Becoming a delegate to the RNC in CT

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    Becoming a delegate to the RNC in CT

    How do you do this? I've read a lot online about how to generally go about this in most of the states but I can't find ANY information about how delegates are chosen in CT. When are they chosen? Where are they chosen? What do you have to do to qualify to be one? Should I contact the campaign or should I try to contact someone from within the CT GOP? It will be extremely important to have Ron Paul supporters as delegates for CT so that we can take the nomination in the second round of voting once the RNC becomes a brokered convention.

    Again, please help with any information in regards to how to become a delegate in CT.


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    The campaign will choose supporters to be their delegates.

    If you want to be a delegate, fill out this form here:

    There are only 25 delegates and 25 alternate delegates in CT so your chances of getting chosen by the campaign will be pretty small.

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    here's what i was finally able to find: from the CT republican state central committee rules and bylaws, last revised 9/27/11, article I, section 17 - (d) "The candidate receiving the requisite number of votes shall submit to the state party chairman, a slate of registered republicans to serve as delegates and a slate of registered republicans to serve as alternate delegates to the republican national convention. the state party chairman shall submit the list to the state committee for review and approval on or before its meeting in may of the year of the presidential election."

    now i read this as meaning that if one candidate gets the majority of the state, all of the delegates will be chosen from their list. lets face it - its very likely that romney will take more than 50% of connecticut, should we be figuring out how to get on his list of delegates for ct? unfortunately we would be bound to vote for him in the first round but the second round we would be free to vote for ron paul.

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    Most likely Romney's chosen will be establishment Republicans well known to the party. Connecticut is not likely to be any help on the 2nd ballot.

    We have a better shot at keeping Romney under 50% and helping to split the delegates on the first ballot. This is very possible. McCain didn't get much over 50% in 2008:

    John McCain 52.1%, Mitt Romney 33%, Mike Huckabee 7%, Ron Paul 4%, Rudy Giuliani 1.6%, Uncommitted 1.6%, Fred Thompson 0.4%, Duncan Hunter 0.1%, Other 0.2%
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    So what exactly must you do to become a delegate? What processes are involved and would I have to plan around work hours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seraphson View Post
    So what exactly must you do to become a delegate? What processes are involved and would I have to plan around work hours?
    There's nothing you can do to guarantee yourself to become a delegate. See post #2. If you fill out the form and the campaign still needs volunteers to be delegates (which I doubt), the campaign will contact you.

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    Your best bet in CT seems to be join the GOP as a precinct committee member -- get elected to the State Central committee -- and change the rules for next cycle to be conventions for selecting national delegates.

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