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Thread: Hawaii - What do you need?

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    Hawaii - What do you need?

    Ronnie and John Tate will be there for 4 days between March 9th and 13th.

    Before then, what do you need from the grassroots? How is voter ID coming? Name recognition? Any ongoing grassroots projects?

    This is a state we could do quite well in, with the only campaign that has announced a visit. Let us know what you need from us to make it a success.

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    Thank you!
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    Exclamation Signs

    Hi, I'm a Ron Paul supporter on Maui. We had a meeting last night with the State Ron Paul organizers, and we had about 50 people there. What we need is some signs. Does anybody have any extra bumper stickers, yard signs, posters with Ron Paul on it? We need as many signs as we can get before March 13th! Please get back to me, thanks!

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