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Thread: Are wealthy people unethical?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy L View Post
    How many rich people do you know personally?
    A number between a lot and a great many.

    How many have you worked with closely enough to know how they get their money? I'm guessing none.
    You are a bad a guesser among other of your great many deficits.

    I know personally and/or have worked with at least half a dozen people who by any reasonable definition are rich. Not one of them -- NOT ONE -- got the bulk of their wealth by commensurate contributions to the production of goods or services.
    You opinion - which has no merit.

    "Behind every great fortune is a great crime." -- Balzac
    Takes a thief to know a thief.

    You continue to demonstrate that you have no facts, no logic, and no arguments to offer, just your extremely ill-informed opinions.
    You are an ignorant fool and that is the truth.

    OK, so you at least agree that you were wrong when you claimed they don't create it at all.
    I said the Federal Reserve creates money and I am still not wrong.

    But in fact, they create it out of lenders' legal obligations to repay the loans they get.

    You continue to demonstrate how little you know.
    And you know something between empty and zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butchie View Post
    No, that's not what liberals say, we currently have half our population on some sort of govt assistance and the vast majority of those people are perfectly capable of working yet choose not to because it's easier to sit on their butt and do nothing, liberals are perfectly OK with this and in fact want to increase these numbers and will scream bloody murder if you even suggest we take someone off assistance. For you to say I'm anywhere near their line of thinking is about the same as when NeoCons accusse Ron of not wanting to defend the country just because he doesn't want to go to war needlessly or have bases in every country around the world.
    You just don't read, right!

    Ok, socialists believe taking 1 trillion from the "evil rich hoarders" by force & giving it to freeloaders is good
    You believe "evil rich hoarders" doling out 1 trillion to freeloaders is good

    I'm saying, EITHER WAY, that capital is WASTED on people who are consuming more goods/servces than they're helping produce, that's destruction of wealth & living-standards of others for the sake of freeloaders, that capital could've been invested & created jobs & more goods/services & the higher supply of goods/services means better living-standards for everyone from rich to the poor

    In essence, you & socialists ignore "opportunity cost", when people consume more than they're helping produce, they're consuming AT THE EXPENSE OF other, & it's NOT just the "evil rich hoarders" we're talking about, it's the poor who mayn't have jobs or must pay higher prices because there are fewer goods/services on the market but you, just like socialists, completely ignore this, due to lack of understanding market-economics & don't want to learn about it

    Quote Originally Posted by Butchie View Post
    As for the rich hoarders NO, I did not say that they don't provide ANY benefit to society, I just don't hold them in as high regard as you seem to and don't take it to the extremes that you do.
    So whom do you hold in high regard? Those who subsidize freeloaders at the expense of fewer jobs & fewer goods/services & lower living-standards for EVERYONE?

    Quote Originally Posted by Butchie View Post
    If there is a town with 60 people, one of them get's hurt and the other 59 all pitch in to help him out tell me again how exactly is that going to bring that town to ruin?
    Again, you ignore that that capital could've been invested somewhere to create jobs & goods/services & better living-standard for the productive! Now, if you take "one guy" it mayn't seem much but we're talking about the SYSTEMIC consequences of such ridiculous belief in freeloading being pervasive within the whole society & that's where numbers really add

    Besides, he can always take the money as a loan & produce goods/services to that effect & repay it! Why does he freeload at the expense of others? The "moral obligation" is upon him to produce enough to cover his consumption, otherwise he's costing others their living-standards

    Quote Originally Posted by Butchie View Post
    The reason you are so harsh on my ideas is because you can't seem to refrain from equating it with the horrible abuse we have with the "social programs" in this country and the monstrosity it has become. When you were a child, you produced nothing and consumed much, when you get elderly you will again consume alot and produce nothing, someone in each case (hopefully) will take care of you - is that wrong?
    THAT'S WHY I said, I don't give a $#@! about it if someone wants to dole out everything they've got, my point has always been that "evil rich hoarders" DO benefit society by investing, creating businesses & jobs, goods/services & thereby raising everyone's living-standards

    Quote Originally Posted by Butchie View Post
    As for Africa, I never brought Africa up, that was someone else who was asking me a question and I responded to it.
    It's IRRELEVANT who brought up Africa, the point is that every time someone doles out & subsidizes freeloaders they're doing it AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS, who mayn't have a job or is struggling to make ends meet & would be helped by lower prices if that same capital was invested in businesses to produce jobs & goods/services

    I hate the IGNORANCE of the socialists when they dole out to the freeloaders & act like they're so great, they are ACTUALLY sentencing other poor people somewhere else to joblessness, poverty & lower living-standards!
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    There is enormous inertia a tyranny of the status quo in private and especially governmental arrangements. Only a crisis actual or perceived produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable
    - Milton Friedman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Flag View Post
    A number between a lot and a great many.
    No, you don't.
    You opinion - which has no merit.
    Observed fact.
    Takes a thief to know a thief.
    That is not only deeply stupid -- anyone can know a thief, duh -- but wrong in the specific case of Balzac, who was a famous writer, not a thief.
    I said the Federal Reserve creates money and I am still not wrong.
    I see. So, the only people who agree with you are a bunch of lying whack jobs like Hans-Hermann Hoppe, while my position is straight out of "Modern Money Mechanics" published by the Federal Reserve, and somehow I'm the crackpot.

    Somehow, I kind figured it'd be something like that...

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