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Thread: Best ways to get the word out about Dec 23rd?

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    Default Best ways to get the word out about Dec 23rd?

    I thinking there will be two most effective ways to do this-

    1. Contact Ron Paul meet-up groups in each city.
    2. Get a plug on various free-market style web sites which may be best done by making some sort of press release once a web site is up and running.

    We'll need some promotional banner graphics and flyers.

    What else?
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    a liberal, communist enclave forum frenzy.

    start at and begin making your way around the net from there...

    i think they're probably a front, but there's a whole world out there that doesn't;
    that's who we're looking for... plus, killing the banks is a relatively common cause.

    perhaps a few user submissions to blogs like huffpo, alternet, rawstory, etc., etc.,
    local's... the whole bit.

    alex jones... on down the line.
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    Ron Paul Radio

    Somebody good with writing letters has to make generic letter & send to all media points above. Does anybody have a email/ address list of MSM?

    Wiki Article
    Myspace page
    Youtube video
    Liveleak video
    Banners with link to website?
    banners on streets with website address.
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    I am including a line about this in the newsletter today. As the date nears I will include more details.

    Please keep me posted at so that we can continue to increase awareness. If there is anything else I can do to help you with your efforts let me know.

    Good luck!

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