The Utah GOP caucus' are only three weeks away and we need all those in Utah to help us get the right freedom loving people to attend and become delegates. I'm currently working with Jacqueline Smith for CD1 who is running against Rob Bishop, while at the same time helping Ron Paul achieve victory in the same fashion.

Those attending the caucus to support Mrs. Smith conservative and liberty ideas will also be supporting Ron Paul and vice versa. We are well organized in CD1, but need more volunteers and like always, more cash to make the phone calls, attend the overpriced GOP functions, and get the letters out.

If you are a Ron Paul supporter and would like to help us get both he and Mrs. Smith into office simultaneously, please go to Mrs. Smiths web site and sign up. All efforts through Mrs. Smith are equally beneficial to Ron Paul. We need to get our delegates into place, so please help NOW.

If you are unable to put the time in, please help us get Dr. Paul and Mr. Smith in by donating to Mrs. Smith's current President's Week Money Bomb on her web site. We don't have the current volunteer base to focus on fund raising and get delegates into position, so we need this money bomb to work THIS WEEK. Please help by donating if you can, so we can get two freedom loving candidates into office with one effort.

Thanks and keep up the good work my fellow Paul brothers and sisters.