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Thread: Ron Paul in CT?

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    Ron Paul in CT?

    I would beat an old lady with a stick to shake this man's hand.
    Do you think he'll ever be around here? I'd rather not drive to NY to see him but I will if I have to

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    Candidates don't usually come to CT.

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    They go to lower Fairfield County when they need money.
    "Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."
    Ronald Reagan, 1981

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    I wish Ron Paul was coming to connecticut!!! Unfortunately the only candidate coming is ellch Mitt Romney! Hes coming to Stamford

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    He went to NH dozens of times. I am not sure where you live in CT but parts of it are like an hour and a half from Keene and Nashua and an hour and 45 minutes from Peterborough, parts of NH that Ron Paul visited. Rand Paul also visited Manchester, Concord and other cities in NH. Chances are they will both be back to NH if they plan on being on the national scene. You mentioned NY. I know Ron Paul has visited NYC and I expect he will visit NYC again. Just give it time
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    Honestly if we had our primary earlier in the year instead of this late in the game then we might have actually had an impact. Getting lumped with NY and PA however only means we have to sit in their shadow.

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