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Thread: (Daily Kos) Announcing Operation Hilarity: Let's keep the GOP clown show going!

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    Thumbs down (Daily Kos) Announcing Operation Hilarity: Let's keep the GOP clown show going!

    It's time for us to take an active role in the GOP nomination process. That's right, it's time for those of us who live in open primary and caucus states—Michigan, North Dakota, Vermont and Tennessee in the next three weeks—to head out and cast a vote for Rick Santorum. Why would we do such a crazy thing? Lots of great reasons!
    Republican turnout has sucked, and appears to be getting worse by the contest. Unlike the 2008 Democratic primaries, which helped President Barack Obama and the Democrats to build a national organization, the GOP is an organizational disaster, with waning voter interest. That means that it takes fewer votes to have an impact than if Republican turnout was maxed out.
    Several of the contests have produced razor-thin margins of victory. Rick Santorum won Iowa by 34 votes, Mitt Romney "won" Maine by 194 votes. It won't take many of us to swing contests the way we want them to swing.
    The longer this GOP primary drags on, the better the numbers for Team Blue. Not only is President Barack Obama rising in comparison to the clowns in the GOP field, but GOP intensity is down—which would have repercussions all the way down the ballot.
    The longer this thing drags out, the more unpopular the Republican presidential pretenders become. Just look at Mitt Romney's trajectory, which followed Herman Cain's trajectory, and Newt Gingrich's trajectory, and Michelle Bachmann's trajectory, and so on.
    Rick Santorum will inevitably follow the same path once he gets properly vetted. Mitt Romney has been unable to stem the bleeding despite his tens of millions. Just imagine Santorum, with the far more radical record and a continued inability to raise real money.
    It's a no-brainer! The following states have completely open contests coming up:

    2/28: Michigan (Primary)
    3/6: North Dakota (caucus)
    3/6: Tennessee (primary)
    3/6: Vermont (primary)

    If you live in one of those states, pledge to participate in Operation Hilarity by voting or caucusing for Rick Santorum. Click here for Michigan, here for North Dakota, here for Tennessee and here for Vermont. If you live anywhere else, please contribute $5 to our Facebook ad effort to turn Democrats out in those elections. You can see a sample ad at the top right of this post.
    And if you're squeamish about this, just remember what's at stake—not just the White House, but Nancy Pelosi's gavel and a Senate run by Mitch McConnell. The weaker the GOP standard bearer, the better our chances in November. Rush Limbaugh and his ilk have had no problem meddling in our own contests. And if there's one thing Daily Kos is about, it's about fighting fire with fire.
    And in any case, it's freaking hilarious. I mean, Rick Santorum? Really? The Republicans have offered up this big, slow, juicy softball. Let's have fun whacking the heck out of it.
    Please, contribute $5 to help us turn out Democrats in open Republican primaries and caucuses.

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    Is this good or bad? Your thoughts.

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    I wish they would vote for Paul, but them voting for santorum increases the chances of a brokered convention, which is a good thing.
    -- Greg Vernon

    History reveres those who keep fighting even as any chance of victory has long since passed.

    Ask Ron Paul Supporters why they support him. PM Me to be able to answer questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UtahApocalypse View Post
    Not a chance in hell
    Not a chance in hell? Does that mean not good?

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    why don't we all simply vote with our hearts
    and leave all the convoluded GOP strategies to
    some PR driven corkscrew mores polysci hack???

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    I suspect the impact of this will be minimal.

    Most people will not vote for someone for strategic reasons.
    "And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works." - Bastiat

    "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire

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