Iraq, Part II?

I fully expect the media to spin this "failure" for all it's worth, including in tonight's debate. From The Guardian:

Iran nuclear talks a failure, says IAEA

The UN nuclear agency has declared its latest inspection visit to Iran a failure, with the regime blocking access to a key site suspected of hosting covert nuclear weapon research and no agreement reached on how to resolve other unanswered questions.

The statement from the International Atomic Energy Agency was issued shortly after an Iranian general warned of a pre-emptive strike against any nation that threatens Iran.

"We engaged in a constructive spirit but no agreement was reached," the statement quoted IAEA chief Yukiya Amano as saying.

The communique said that Iran did not grant requests by the IAEA mission to visit Parchin, a military site thought to be used for explosives testing related to triggering a nuclear weapon. Amano called this decision "disappointing". No agreement was reached on how to begin "clarification of unresolved issues in connection with Iran's nuclear programme, particularly those relating to possible military dimensions", the statement said.
Meanwhile, the Iran army just started a 4 day air defense exercise in a 190,000 square kilometer area in southern Iran:

Iran army holding air defense drills near Persian Gulf

Iranís Army is holding major defensive military drills across a massive area in southern Iran aimed at enhancing the Islamic Republicís air defense capabilities near the strategic Persian Gulf region.

Iranís Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base started the four-day exercises codenamed Tharallah on Monday within an area of 190,000 square kilometers in southern Iran, with the key objective of boosting the countryís air defense near the Persian Gulf and the nationís Bushehr nuclear power plant.