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Thread: Live Stream: March for the Troops in D.C. Toady!!!

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    There were two marches: one to the WH and one back to the monument. The troops marched in formation ahead of the civillans, seperated by the USMC flag and Captain USA holding it. The march TO the WH was awesome. What happened was that the civilians after the ceremony marched closer to the veterans, even flanking them...I flanked but never passed the flag on the way back. So I was right behind the troops...the march on the way back was a bit different chant cause the troops were mixing it up...the civilians were the ones to doing the end the fed...the troops were saying "end the WARS" it was hard to make up because of the civilians, chanting. at no time did I hear the troops doing end the closed.

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    Default March to White House / Washington Monument by Vets / Troops for Ron Paul on 02/20/2012

    ...was there ANY msm coverage of this event (other than RT)?

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    Any video of the Michael Graves performance???

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    Quote Originally Posted by FindLiberty View Post
    ...was there ANY msm coverage of this event (other than RT)?
    There is a link on Drudge right now to the ABC article. I was also told by a friend that they did a small segment about it last night on Bret Baier's Special Report. I can't seem to find a clip for that so he may have been mistaken, or just tired of me bitching about Fox never covering Paul LOL.
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    DailyPaul has a good roundup of coverage:
    "The average person figures that the president tells the truth, the vice president tells the truth, the secretary of state tell the truth; and they don't. They don't. The founders understood that people would be flawed, that political leaders would not be the best of men … so they set forth the constitution. We don't follow the constitution in this country; had we done so in 2001 and 2002, the world would be a different place" - Karen Kwiatkowski

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