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Thread: **Guide on how to make cheap homemade signs**

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    Default **Guide on how to make cheap homemade signs**

    Sometimes money is tight. Some of us already have the official yard sign, but we can't control what they say. This guide will show you how to make cheap signs using poster board. Hope you enjoy!

    Recommended Materials: Black & red spray paint, poster board, cardboard, x-acto knife, projector or printer, ruler, straight edge, razor blade, something to cut the poster board on, pencil,

    Poster board is very inexpensive and can make 2-3 signs per board. All depends on how big you want your sign. A 100 carton of poster board is $39.95 at walmart (h ttp:// I believe you can buy them individually there too. So around .40 cents per board, 2 signs per board. .20 cents a sign.

    Of course you need a design. I used to ' Ron Paul RELOVUTION ' image.

    The way I used is by using a projector and projecting the image on the wall. After taping the cardboard to the wall, I then traced the image. If you don't have a projector, you can always print an image you want then trace it on cardboard. ( Sorry I don't have a picture of this stage )

    Here comes the difficult part. Using your x-acto knife or even a small blade. Cut out the traced lines. This part is by far the hardest part, just because it takes a lot of patience.

    Now you're ready to paint the poster board. I did it inside, but I think it's best to do it outside. From what I've noticed the poster board does not warp at all. You may also need either some extra small pieces of cardboard to place over the part you don't want painted at that time.

    (Btw that's my cat in the bottom of the picture)

    Like I said earlier you can either have 2-3 signs per board. After you spray paint, let them dry for 5-10 minutes. The way I cut the signs is to place it on a piece of plywood. I used a razor blade to cut them and used a ruler to measure so it would look neat as possible. Using a straight edge would be good to use as well.

    Now there you go! You have cheaply made Ron Paul signs to either give away, hoard, or put them on stuff!

    Places you can put your sign(s):

    On trees.

    On a car hood.

    Top of your back windshield.

    You can even put them on telephone poles. Since they're so cheap you can put them places and not be afraid you'll never see them again. LOL.

    Hope this helped some of you to make your own signs! Thanks for reading!

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    put a flat board under your poster board then lay your stencil on top. Get a 1" x 2" x 2' and use it to push the stencil into the base board making a poster board sandwich while you are spraying. Do it gently, not a lot of pressure needed. This will eliminate the over spray you have.

    Some i did on vinyl:

    Stick example here:

    These were stencils cut out of foam board:

    The stencil for these was made out of a hard vinyl flooring type material. Cut pretty well with an exacto and held up amazingly

    Various stencils made of paper, card board, and sign board:

    You see the paper IRS on the ground? We would not spray the FED and then would lay the paper IRS where the fed was (after removing the stencil) and gave it a quick spray. Believe it or not but card stock paper will hold up for about 100 sprays on small signs:
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    For FREE sign board you can go to your local city brush dump and pick the old signs up that they collected. I recycled old campaign signs and house for sale and will buy junk car signs lol. Just primer over them and wah lah. Free w/ stands!

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    nicely done !
    Ron Paul 2012: Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for America !

    Ron Paul: Predictions of 24 April 2002 - see how many came true

    Vote On Principles, Defend Our Constitution, Follow the Path shown by the Founders !

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