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Thread: Facebook battle. Comments. Some good, some bad, some stupid. Some weak RP supporters

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    Facebook battle. Comments. Some good, some bad, some stupid. Some weak RP supporters

    Hello RPFs. I've been off the forums for a week because I've been travelling, and my kindle isn't the best for RPF browsing. However, I have been active on Facebook. Here is an exchange from an article I got on Facebook that I joined in on towards the end. I highlighted my contributions. I think this shows how you can be both good for Dr. Paul, and how you can be detrimental to Dr. Paul with the way you post comments.

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    Opposing Views
    Why don't more Republicans love Ron Paul?
    Ron Paul's "Quiet Takeover" of the Republican Party
    By Brian DohertyBusiness Insider with details on the Ron Paul campaign's stealth efforts for total Republican Party dominance, after explaining again all the reasons to doubt the legitimacy of the announced straw poll vote (nonbinding on eventual delegates) in Maine:The Paul campaign believes it has...

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    Donna Bogue He is crazy
    Yesterday at 7:15pm Like 2

    Shondolyn Gibson I would soon as vote for my spiders.
    Yesterday at 7:16pm Like

    Ryan Elsenpeter We are told not to love liberty and freedom. We must attack every other country in the world for we are amazing and we can be the only ones to bring them peace by blowing them up. Silly question. Move on.
    Yesterday at 7:17pm Like 4

    John Prescott He doesn't understand that the world is sick!!!! and you need to KILL the sick! onward christian soulderg
    Yesterday at 7:18pm Like

    Ryan Elsenpeter So Jesus came to kill the sick? Must have missed that part...
    Yesterday at 7:19pm Like 7

    Pete Glickenhaus ron paul...what a joke
    Yesterday at 7:21pm Like

    Brian Rushing Because anyone to the left of Obama on national security is one scary son of a bitch.
    Yesterday at 7:23pm Like

    Kelly Turnmire They do just not reporting it. The government hates Ron Paul ........
    Ron Paul 2012
    Yesterday at 7:24pm Like 10

    Ryan Elsenpeter The media...what a joke. If you actually read the article and watch the CNN clip, Ron Paul was the one with the highest percentage of folks seeing him as best for the middle class, yet they put his name and % right on the bottom. Classy.
    Yesterday at 7:25pm Like 8

    Les Pepin because he is crazier than a loon most likely
    Yesterday at 7:25pm Like

    Ryan Elsenpeter Most likely?! Wow. Really?! So going based on what you hear from others, huh? Please, for the love of all that is holy and sacred, do your own research and think for yourself.
    Yesterday at 7:27pm Like 5

    Larry Casaday For all the anti Ron Paul people if Ron Paul does not get elected i hope you will be happy with four more years of OBAMA ! Ron Paul 2012
    Yesterday at 7:29pm Like 6

    Courtney Stringer WOW whats wrong with this country the people that doesnt like RON PUAL is crazy! I can not wait to see him in office..... RON PUAL 2012.....
    Yesterday at 7:30pm Like 9

    Nicholas Curtis What happened to Linsanity? I like Ron Paul. I agree with him on a lot of things. If he's not the Pres nominee I would be happy to see him as VP.
    Yesterday at 7:33pm Like 2

    Larry Casaday Join our page at Coloradans for Ron Paul 2012
    Yesterday at 7:34pm Like 2

    Paula Michele He wants to end was & legalize marijuana...too liberal for the Republican party. He also has a grip on what's going wrong in America...the Republican party, as a whole, has NO clue, in my opinion.
    Yesterday at 7:37pm Like 1

    Coloradans for Ron Paul 2012 Only Ron Paul for 2012!!
    Yesterday at 7:38pm Like 6

    Edward Brandon
    ‎"Crazy" for not liking Luap Nor. Really?? So, I'm not crazy for heroin being legal, 90% of which comes from muslim countries. Guess who backs him ?? "Crazy", for someone not telling such crap as the stormfront, code pink, and other assorte...See More
    Yesterday at 7:43pm Like

    Tonya Jones Bazany ‎@Paula Ron Paul supporters are increasing by the minute.....he will do everything he's said he was going to do, with the support of the people and not some lame brain joke of a government we have in place today...
    Yesterday at 7:46pm Like 4

    Eric Wicks Obama is stripping away our civil liberties, pissing on our constitution and people are still stupid enough to call Ron Paul crazy. That is truly ignorant. Ron Paul 2012!
    Yesterday at 7:49pm Like 6

    Ben Plummer Because ultimately he is above decent, but I want my grandfather to handle the dipshiats in Congress, not dealing with madmen with an itchy, nuclear trigger finger.
    Yesterday at 7:52pm Like

    Adam Gibbs
    Hey Edward illegal gov makes $#@! loads of money off of it legal that make little money off of it either way it doesn't affect use.....actually studies show that when things are legal use goes down but we all know people like u could give a...See More
    Yesterday at 7:52pm Like 1

    Larry Casaday The haters only hate because the media tells them too!
    Yesterday at 7:52pm Like 3

    Adam Gibbs And this idiot thinks its ok for the potus to have an enemy list.......u can take your enemy list and the ndaa act and shove it smooth up your as*.........we Libertarians wouldn't have an enemy list cause we believe in Everyone having a right to their opinion.........idiots like u is what's wrong with this country.......
    Yesterday at 7:57pm Like 2

    Cheryl Chop Stephens I'm a Republican and I like Ron Paul...He has some really good ideas and a lot of experience...If he is nominated or asked to be VP he's got my vote...When this is all said and done I hope we can come together this and get Obama out...we can't take four more years of him in the White House.
    Yesterday at 7:59pm Like 4

    Coloradans for Ron Paul 2012 The only way to get Obama out is to get Ron Paul IN..... the others are just as bad as Obama !
    Yesterday at 8:02pm Like 3

    Adam Gibbs AND ONE MORE THING @ Edward he never said legalize heroin...he just wants to give power to the states to decide for them selves .....quit trolling and targeting the weak minded......and quit lying about the doc and quit putting bull$#@! fabricated lies in peoples head.........u just keep working for your guy you are gonna need it......RON PAUL 2012......
    23 hours ago Like 2

    Edward Brandon ‎@ Adam, I don't know anything about drugs ?? Go sit in the corner with your bong moron. I know that addiction doesn't care if it is legal or not. I know because I am an addict.
    23 hours ago Like

    Cheryl Chop Stephens
    ‎@Colorandans...Excuse me...the others...Ronney...Santorum...Newt...are just as bad as Obama? What planet are you can't be serious...there is not that much difference between them...I'm a Republican...I want a pro-life,pro-strong...See More
    23 hours ago Like 1

    Ryan Elsenpeter Ron Paul is pro-strong military. Since when does that mean blow up every other country because they don't agree with us?
    23 hours ago Like 3
    Tonya Jones Bazany

    ‎@ Edward...I think you've had too much already...put it down and step away slowly...while I don't believe in drugs I do know FOR A FACT that in other countries, such as Holland, have legalized drugs and they don't have a fraction of the pr...See More
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    Andrew Bratcher did Ron Paul copyright the year 2012 or did he make it his new last name?
    23 hours ago Like 2

    James Cramer
    ‎ my my...ALL of the candidates are a joke..newt is a lying as i say not as i do typical politician.romney is a puppet w a smile..tell u what u wanna hear typical politician..YES they are the SAME as obama..they ...See More
    23 hours ago Like 2

    James Cramer
    ‎@edward..yeah ur doesnt matter if its legal or not. THERE ARE STILL GONNA BE ADDICTS..SO LETS WAKE UP AND TREAT IT AS THE HEALTH ISSUE IT IS AND STOP LOCKING UP DRUG does no good..its a huge burden on society..on our...See More
    22 hours ago Like 1

    Cheryl Chop Stephens ‎@James Cramer...I never said Ron Paul was crazy...I said I like Ron Paul and that IF he got the nomination I would vote for him...Ron Paul is fine but it looks like some of his hardcore supporters have issues...I have one word for you James...Prozac.
    22 hours ago Like 1

    James Cramer my whole point w u cheryl, is that these other politicians are MORE OF THE SAME.. its all the status quo..and we have had ENOUGH of that..ur the one whoe needs help if u cant see that..i didnt say a thing about u saying he was crazy..the rest of my rant after first few sentences werent directed at u but the population in chill..
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    Jack Thompson
    Dear GOP,
    I am a combat Veteran, and I will not vote for a chickenhawk warmonger. I am a small businessman and I will not vote for a deficit spender. I am a husband and will not vote for a cheater, I am a father and will not vote for an abortion funder, I am an American who will not vote for an insurance mandator or an indefinite detainor. That leaves me with only one honest candidate for president. Ron Paul. I am not a pothead, a kid in my Moms basement, or a lunatic. Give me Newt Romtorum and I hope you like four more years of Obama, because you can't win without me.
    21 hours ago Like 3

    Sean P Hamilton We do!
    Paul will bring the most Delegates to the convention, and win the GOP nomination.
    If Americans listened to the Media, Al Gore and John Kerry would be President.
    McCain gave the 2008 election buy campaigning 1/3 as much as Obama.
    21 hours ago Like 1

    James Cramer jack thompson for president!!
    21 hours ago Like 1

    Tonya Jones Bazany guys are giving me hope....RON PAUL 2012...because there's always room for a better tomorrow...with Ron Paul in it!!!
    20 hours ago Like

    Cheryl Chop Stephens If there is anything that would make me think twice about voting for Ron Paul would be how militant, rude, and just out there his supporters are. Oh.......My........Word.
    20 hours ago Like

    Les Pepin hey jackhole ryan........i do my own homework and it doesnt take a genius to know ron may be good at fiscal issues but he is a loon when it comes to foreign affairs.........I do think for myself unlike all you socialist dumbocrats out included.
    20 hours ago Like 1

    Floyd Richard Burdett
    Ron Paul would DESTROY the Republican Party! He is "fiscally conservative" as long as it means cutting our Military strength to almost nothing, in order to balance the Budget, and "keeping our fingers crossed" that no one attacks us!
    And we...See More
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    Jack Thompson His foreign policy is very well thought out and will make us more safe. He doesn't want to gut the military. He wants us home providing DEFENSE, not spread around the world stirring up trouble and giving trillions to foreign governments. I am a captain in the Army. 6 years active, 4 years in the Reserves. Ron Paul's foreign policy is Spot on. Even Michael Scheuer, head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit agrees with Paul.
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    Jack Thompson
    Ron Paul is against victimless crime laws. You should have freedom to abuse yourself with drugs if you want. you also have to take responsibility if you end up f'ed up because of it. Rape, Murder, Theft etc are crimes because there is a victim. The criminal infringed on the life, liberty, or Property of the victim. No victim = no crime. You cannot victimize yourself. It may be stupid to kill, drug, or burn yourself, but there's nothing criminal about it. The only criminal is the Government that steals a person's liberty and property for smoking a plant.
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    Bruce Anderson Jack, I like your defense of Ron Paul, but I would seriously question putting a 76yr old man in office who lacks international acumen and has back-peddled on published statements made in the past.
    13 hours ago Like

    Jack Thompson Newsletters were debunked as not being written by Paul way back in 1997. The establishment's use of them as their only attack on Paul's character just proves their desperation. As for your international acumen statement. Got any facts to back that up, or is that from Rush Oreilly or Hannity, who are proven big government sellouts.
    13 hours ago Like 2

    Jack Thompson As for his age, I would argue that he is in better shape physically than any other candidate save maybe Gary Johnson. He exercises twice a day, and challenged the other candidates to a bike race 6 months ago. Still no takers. Those armchair quarterbacks know they couldn't beat him if they wanted to.
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    Cheryl Chop Stephens ‎@Jack Thompson...So Jack it sounds to like if you can't have Ron Paul you're gonna stay with Obama...I on the other hand will vote for the Candidate that gets nominated...Ron Paul...Santorum...Romney...they are all good men.
    4 hours ago Like

    Jack Thompson @ Cheryl, as a combat veteran of Iraq, I have lost many friends because of the stupidity of the warmongering fools in office. There is nothing good nor conservative about war. It is pure evil and waste, and Thus, those who advocate for war are anything but good, or conservative. I ABSOLUTELY will not vote for a warmonger. Even Obama is a warmonger, but less so than Newt Romtorum. It's Paul, or 3rd party for me. If those other EVIL warmongering $#@!s get the nomination, myself and others like me will leave them hanging without 10% of the republican base, and 60% of independents. Obama will win. I'm okay with that. Better 4 more years of Obama (who at least had the decency to avoid occupying Libya, and stuck with the timetable for Iraq) with a Republican congress, than 4 years and more of war with Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and escalation everywhere else we are unconstitutionally engaged. If there is one constitutional amendment I'd like to see it is that every politician who votes for or fails to veto a war should have themselves and any siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren,and great grandchildren between the ages of 17-50 immediately drafted into the infantry. Males and females alike. No Deferments.
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    CPT Jack. R. T.
    US Army Resigned - Iraq Vet.
    Level III MACP instructor, USYKA/WYKKO sensei
    Professional Hunter/Trapper/Country living survivalist.

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    I like the last statement. I 'll bet Americans wouldn't be so blood thirsty were that the case.\
    Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.
    -Thomas Jefferson

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    i think it's hilarious when people use the 'ron paul is to the left of obama' line.... every president before obama has been to the left of obama, even bush. he's been the biggest warmongering douche we've ever had in office. at least bush wasn't calling for the assassination of americans.

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