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Thread: CNN/ORC: Feb. 10-13 Independents Favorability Graphic ---Please Spread!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theswedishchef View Post
    according to the PDF isn't it obama that has +8 and Paul +6?
    graphics show it the other way around.
    There's 2 graphics now in the OP.
    One is isolated Indie support where Paul leads.
    The other is the entire spectrum of people that answered the poll, where Obama has a slight lead.
    The Truth about Ron Paul
    Please check it out...."Like" and "Share"
    This page is vying for the 1st page of google if they look up "the truth about ron paul"

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    I made one in Google:,21.5

    You may also import the URL above to edit it your needs here:

    Or simply copy the image above and use it as-is.
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    I like this edit and I'm sharing it, along with the data source and Ron Paul's post-debate interview:
    ‎"When I'm polled against the Democrats and the independents, I do better than the rest. So, and you know, the Republican Party claims they want somebody to win.

    ...I have a broad base of appeal. That sort of goes by the way and of course I have the fight to get that message out."
    The only things that have me a bit leery about the image is that, on the graph, not only is Ron Paul "blue", but "he's to the left of Obama..."

    Quote Originally Posted by leetlamer View Post
    I tightened up the graphics a bit.

    I switched typefaces. Using Franklin Gothic gives the headline more impact, because that font is commonly used for real newspapers. A few minor adjustments to give more impact. I added + sign to reinforce the notion of positive favorability. The negative favorabilities are now red. Increased the size of the % labels to increase impact. Added the question of who can beat Obama.

    I want a link to the data to include on the graphic.
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