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Thread: A message to all Economics majors out there

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    Default A message to all Economics majors out there

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    There is a typo: What my friends thing I do
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    Not using my econ degee at all for my present job. If you do think you want to use it, you really need an advanced degree which I don't have. Also more helpful if you can add business and accounting classes along with it.
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    What do you even do with an economics degree? I hear they have relatively good job placement, but maybe I heard wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by libertybrewcity View Post
    What do you even do with an economics degree? I hear they have relatively good job placement, but maybe I heard wrong.
    Write obscure articles on even more obscure webbernet sites?
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    You can do things like analysis for investment firms or banks for one. Or teaching.

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    I am an econ major, but I am just about to wrap up my second year for the AS and transferring out. I am working as a Chief Engineer in the hospitality field and many of my direct reports tell me the econ degree with my years of wrenching look really good in this field.

    We are winning the intellectual battle from what I have seen returning to school (I am 27), before I was going to school for HVAC and Construction. One of my economic classes had "Meltdown" by Tom Woods as one of the texts and a couple of my professors were big fans of Schiff.
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    Is "Econ Major" just a general term for majoring in accounting, finance, macroeconomy(analysing for govts. etc) or marketing etc?

    Or does it specifically refer to a certain type of knowledge?
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    At my University things like accounting and finance were taugnt in the business school and Economics were taught in the College of Arts and Sciences. Business school had its own separate admissions so you needed permission as an A&S student to take business classes- if you were an Econ major it was much easier to get the waiver.

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