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Thread: How to combat the Antisemitism smear

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    How to combat the Antisemitism smear

    Nothing infuriates me more than posts like the following which attempt to tie Dr. Paul to Neo-Nazis and Anti-semites:

    I think one good comeback is to point out that one of Dr. Paul's heroes is the founder of the Austrian school of Economics Ludwig Von Mises, an Austrian Jew who fled his homeland to avoid Nazi persecution.

    In fact Ron Paul wrote and published a book length essay titled Mises and Austrian Economics: a Personal View as a tribute to a man he views as his economics mentor.

    Please use the above information to counter those who are trying to smear Dr. Paul.

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    I forgot to mention that Murray Rothbard another prominent Jewish American was a long time ally and supporter of Congressman Paul.

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    I often get reassurance that we're going to win this thing by how weak and silly the attacks of our opponents are.

    "Hey, why are you attacking him? He has no chance, remember?"

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    Am I mistaken? I thought Peter Schiff was Jewish.

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    Ron Paul believes in free and open trade with Israel.

    We have been totally fucked by the machine

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    One of the main reasons he's accused of being anti-semetic is because of his opposition to AIPAC, the Israeli lobbyist group.

    But I just tell people that Paul hates all lobbyist groups equally.
    "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -Plato

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    I always thought that the NeoNazis would like the Neo Cons since they share some attributes. Yet after some reading, I believe they like the idea of not giving tax money to support israel. Which is what a blanket noninterventionist policy would do. This would also include not giving tax money to any other country either. What is worse a donation to someones candidacy or taking money from someone through forced taxation and using it for something they dont believe in is the question I would present. Iraq war, giving money to Pakistan, ___enter your hated tax funded program here.
    More Government = Less Freedom
    Communism never disappeared it only changed its name to Social Democrat
    Emotion and Logic mix like oil and water

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    I want to echo that every Jewish supporter who sees this should go to and sign up to their e-list. (As I have-- don't worry you won't get any spam) When these attacks gain more prominence (and they will) we want to be able to have a strong network of Jewish supporters around the country who will be able to write or call in and correct news outlets when they make misstatements about Dr. Paul.

    Not only should Jews support Dr. Paul, but Zionists (and I am proud to call myself one) should support Dr. Paul as well. Real Zionists recognize that Israel has its interests and we Americans have ours-- and they are not always the same. Dr. Paul's policy of peace and commerce with all nations will strengthen Israel, and more importantly, strengthen America's standing in the world.

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    This site is doing a good job at combatting any accusation of anti-semetism.

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    also, an extremely well known jewish lawyer works for Ron Paul.

    Of course, this is all smear with no validity....

    The point is this.... "IF YOU DON"T SUPPORT KILLING MUSLIM BABIES ON BEHALF OF ISRAEL AND FILLING BODY BAGS WITH AMERICAN SOLDIERS OR GIVING BILLIONS IN AID TO ISRAEL, YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE!" -- Yet, when you say "he wants to cut funding to egypt etc... - they have no retort.

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    The real smear is going to be the ghostwritten newsletter

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    Another Major Jewish Ron Paul supporter

    We shouldn't forget the late Aaron Russo (of "America: Freedom to Fascism" fame) who was one of Dr. Paul's biggest supporters. Ron Paul has pictures of Von Mises and Rothbard on his office wall. He has several Jews on his campaign staff and has worked with many Jewish friends and advisors over the years. Note the distrnguished list of advisors listed at as well.

    The notion that Dr. Paul is Anti-Semitic is ludicrous-- but we need to be prepared for these sorts of attacks and have the information at our hands to rebut them. And while any Paul supporter can do this, it will work best if the media hears directly from Dr. Paul's Jewish supporters themselves. So don't forget to go to and sign up and be counted.

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    I never thought I was hear the Anti-Semite stuff with Ron Paul like I did when I supported Buchanan in 1996. I guess the Neo-Cons have up-dated their play book.

    The simple fact of the matter is you can't combat this nonesense because these people have no desire to engage in an honest debate on the issues, they only want to smear and smear and smear.

    Pat Buchanan had a Jewish Rabbi working for his campaign but that didn't stop these people.

    Pat Buchanan picked a black woman to be his vp in 2000, but that didn't stop certain people from calling him racist.

    It's how these people work, they are lost souls who can't understand reason and logic.

    Plenty of other people can though, let's go get their votes.
    Don't wait for orders from HQ, mount up and ride to the sound of gun fire! Pat Buchanan

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinearChaos View Post
    The real smear is going to be the ghostwritten newsletter
    anyone have a link to the archived times article that supposedly dismissed it by looking at his actual records? i haven't needed it yet but may come in handy..
    "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -Plato

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